3 Household Tools to Repair Minor Damage to Sex Dolls

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Sex doll products have a long lifespan. They are made of silicone and TPE material to ensure their adequate durability. But despite their sturdiness, they still have some level of wear and tear. For one thing, they don’t care about the storage of sex dolls. On the other hand, they get scratched due to carelessness when they need to be used and moved.

Do not rinse directly with hot water, use a hair dryer

Of course, the damage to the sex doll is not intentional, but accidental and full of uncertainty. Therefore, when we have not faced these small injuries, it is necessary to prepare some tools at home for emergencies.Today, I will provide you with 3 methods or tools, which are enough to deal with emergencies repair sex doll. Although they may seem common, for most male sex doll clients, it may not be necessary. NS.

hair dryer

Generally, a hair dryer is always available at home as it is a very common household appliance, although boys don’t often have it. It helps restore indentations on the skin of TPE dolls.

Repair minor damage to sex dolls

First, take a clean towel, dampen it with water, remember not to use hot water; then, cover the dent on the doll’s skin, and use a hair dryer to heat the towel-covered surface. If the technique is correct, after a few iterations, you’ll see the dents start to slowly disappear.

TPE glue

The blow-dryer method deals with dents and sagging. TPE glue targeted doll tear damage. In addition to TPE glue, long support tools such as sticks, chopsticks or any other wooden tools are required.

In general, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the area to be repaired before repairing. The main thing is to wear gloves and use a tool to scrape the dirt out of the tear. This will ensure that other particles or oils will not get trapped on other parts of the doll. Then, use a long stick to spread the glue evenly over the tear and squeeze the wound together slowly and firmly for about 2-5 minutes to ensure the glue works.

Repair minor damage to sex doll glue

After the wound is almost closed, wipe the squeezed glue with a towel. Use rubbing alcohol to remove excess glue remaining on the skin before it dries completely. After that, just make sure the torn part isn’t taut and let it dry for 24 hours. NS.

white towel

In both of the processes mentioned above, a towel is required. TPE sex doll There are relatively high requirements for towels. White towels made of microfiber are generally recommended, because TPE is a relatively soft material, and ordinary large-grained towels are too rough, which will cause the baby’s skin to “peel” when wiping; in addition, the porosity of TPE makes it Very easy to dye, choosing white will prevent the dyes used in producing the towels from contaminating the doll.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a hair dryer at home, you can also use the towel method to repair dents in dolls, especially knees and arms. Wet the towel, noting that this requires very hot water, unlike a hair dryer; then carefully cover the dent with a towel and dab with your hand or with the aid of a tool. When the water cools, it needs to be rewetted and tapped repeatedly to remove the indentation.

Sex dolls will be perfect lovers of new technology

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A smart sex doll researcher says artificial intelligence must be improved to adequately satisfy love-seeking consumers.

Dr. David Levy is “Love and Sex with Smart Sex Dolls” Conference. He outlines how the artificial doll will develop into a loving relationship with a human.

Dr Levy said that before artificial intelligence was invented, Realistic life-size sex doll Listen and talk like a human, buyers can only play with them, not fall in love with them “very practically”.

But the authors and researchers assure lonely people who want to have a significant other in their lives that what currently sounds like science fiction will become a reality once investment flows in.


Some of the hardest problems with AI, he argues, are the massive amount of R&D applied to them, which also requires funding. He has always felt that one of the hardest problems with AI is human-machine conversations, because obviously if you want to have a good relationship with someone, part of that relationship has to be your conversation with them.

At present, the level of human-machine dialogue is still in the initial stage of intelligence, but it has improved in the past 10 or 15 years, and more and more efforts have been invested in the development of this field. At the same time, he is very convinced that by 2050, there will be software that can talk like humans.

Dr Levy said a key part of the conversation was understanding what the other person meant, even if they didn’t make it clear. Allegedly, once a computer is able to connect someone’s words to context and react accordingly, artificial intelligence sex doll Will welcome and seriously consider as a partner.

In addition, Dr. Levy said that another really difficult problem is speech recognition, not speech recognition, but understanding what someone is saying to you, which is closely related to human-machine dialogue. If you want to talk to someone, you have to understand what they are saying to you, they don’t always mean what they say.


We can tell what a person means by the context in which they speak, so Levy thinks there are a few things AI has to do before sex dolls can be human-like enough to make people fall in love with them.

Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Torochko has publicly declared his love of sex dolls, including “Margo,” a sex doll he claims is married and divorced. After 30 years of continuous development in artificial intelligence, Dr. Levy predicts that sex doll obsessions like Yuri will become more common.

He added: “Some people have a feeling of love for their sex dolls, so I think there is a lot of potential to make a lot of people fall in love with intelligent robots, but the technology is not yet mature. Like most fields of science and technology, we have a lot of love for these The knowledge and understanding of the field has grown exponentially because the more people know about a certain science or a certain technology, the faster they can advance next, so I think we can expect this field to be in 20 to 30 years. .”

He loves sex dolls and “having babies”

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An Asian man who fell in love with a sex doll recently announced on Facebook that he “has a son” and shared a happy photo of a “family of three”. This caused heated discussions and attracted multiple media reports.

sex doll

Asian man Xie Tianrong fell in love with the character “Asuka” in the anime “Evangelion” and bought this anime sex doll and named it “Miku”.Thanks Tianrong future as his wife. He always shares his daily life on Facebook and takes a lot of pictures to show his love. Earlier, he even gave Miku an iPhone 12 Pro to show how much he loves the doll.

At the beginning of the year, he even announced on Facebook that a “new member” had been added to his family. The child is a doll in women’s clothing. At the same time, he also posted a photo of a family of three. It can be seen that Xie Tianrong’s face is full of happiness, the topic is no longer, and few netizens express their blessings.

In addition to sparking heated discussions among netizens, many foreign media also rushed to report the news. Xie Tianrong also thanked the media for their attention on Facebook. He said that because the lover doll is delicate and fragile, it needs to be maintained regularly; many people are curious whether he will have intimate behavior with Miku, but Xie Tianrong claims that he has never thought of such a thing. He said: “Don’t talk about intimacy, I haven’t even tried kissing. I’m afraid the sour taste of saliva will hurt the skin of the sex doll.”

love sex doll marriage

Not only Xie Tianrong, but in November 2022, the Japanese otaku Kendo Kondo married “Hatsune Miku”, which caused heated discussions; in December last year, there was also a fitness trainer Yuri Tolochko (Yuri Tolochko) and sex doll tamara Who completed the wedding in Kazakh. Also generously shared the wedding scene on Instagram.

Realdoll announces development of new skin material for sex dolls

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The AI ​​sex doll industry is leading the way in synthetic biology, benefiting from an ever-increasing amount of cutting-edge technology and a wealth of innovative talent. Just when you thought the creators of sex dolls couldn’t continue their epic designs and manufactures, they went out of their way to develop more groundbreaking dolls.

This american sex doll RealDoll has clearly become one of the dominant forces in the field AI sex doll market, producing advanced humanoid robots. In a recent post on social media, the company hinted at the technology it uses to push the boundaries of realism.

AI-Sex Doll

The company wrote on its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages abroad: “It’s not just beautiful designs and elegant makeup that make our dolls shine. Guess what else?”

The post seems to suggest that the company has some tricks to make the doll’s skin “glow,” allowing the sex doll’s skin to respond to changes in human-like light.many fans asian sex dolland even domestic fans, posted comments one after another, expressing their own unique opinions, trying to guess how Real Doll achieved this goal.


One commented: “Should be a special skin tone. Not only does it absorb ambient light, but it reflects light all over the body, making the doll look radiant.”

Another said: “I think the official release of the videos and photos is more like finding the ultimate light and angle, or taking extra care in making each doll.”

And of course there’s no shortage of compliments, “What a talented group of employees, great job!” added another fan. Another joked: “Then you have to spray your baby with sunscreen spray when you go out, or you will get a tan.”

AI-Sex Doll Model
Although the company hasn’t revealed how it does it, most believe it’s a material that helps reflect and absorb light.

Also of note, sex dolls with more advanced AI capabilities developed by Real Doll and Abyss Creation already feature an integrated AI system called X-mode. Meanwhile, work has begun on a new system that will offer sex dolls with three interchangeable faces and three possibly different personalities.

How to avoid buying inferior fake sex dolls?

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A good rule we must follow when you want to buy your first sex doll is to avoid fake dolls and replicas. Let’s not go around in circles on this issue. If you want a realistic love doll, you might want to avoid some low-cost website dolls. While I’m sure there are occasional live dolls on these sites, for the most part the dolls listed on these sites are called dummies (they are replicas) and are not made from original molds, but Is made of poor quality possibly toxic materials. Either that or they will trick you with stolen photos and offer something else if you get a courier.

Avoid fake sex doll scams

Sex dolls are like any product. There are various manufacturers, as complex value products, but the price does not vary too much. If the price is cheap, beware of sex doll scams to avoid getting scammed.

Here are the five main factors that determine the quality of a sex doll:

  • material quality
  • Detailed description
  • business information
  • Shipping options
  • customer service

The overall quality of the sex doll

While all products are made for profit, the manufacture of sex dolls requires love, ingenuity and attention, and can be considered a category of art.

Some premium sex dolls and brand owners have strong ties to the art world. Some might argue that sculptors and special effects specialists have nothing to do with sex dolls, but in reality, making sex dolls is a form of artistic expression. like any other art carrier. What they have in common is an appreciation for human beauty and a natural desire for the perfection of human fragile bodies, as well as a constant attempt to find spiritual elements in nature and human creation.

Avoid fake sex doll scams 2

Modern manufacturing methods and technologies have made production easier, and branded factory-produced sex dolls are basically of the same quality as those produced in sophisticated studios.

sex doll details

This may be a point where you need to pay special attention to distinguish between cheap sex dolls and good quality sex dolls.

“Counterfeit” – Dolls from unknown factories are often made from stolen molds. If you don’t look closely, they may look exactly like real people, but you will see that they are different, not the same doll. a feeling. Finishing, molding techniques, materials used, softeners, and final doll detailing and makeup all vary widely.

Some small workshops use the method of “copying” to buy sex doll making molds in the market. Molds are never as fine-tuned as factory-made or artist-engraved originals.

Avoid fake sex doll scams 1

At the same time, details, skills and talents will vary. You can’t expect a $300 sex doll and a $1000 doll to use the same craftsmanship, use the same materials and components, and be made by the same workers.

Sophistication and small details make the doll look more realistic, from the prominent joints to the coloring of various parts, lashes, nails, hairstyles, to the final makeup. A lot of work makes sex dolls look realistic. If you prefer an “anime” or “unreal” style then overall harmony is paramount and making sex dolls takes a lot of work.

Here are some metrics:

  • display marketing
  • Attention to detail
  • Sales channels
  • customer service
  • “Backstage” photo
  • The actual finished photo (unretouched, original)

sex doll frame

There are many functions that make a high-quality metal stand or frame, and some of these characteristics are a measure of quality:

  • Material
  • federated system
  • Durability
  • flexibility
  • weight

sex doll transport

Does the doll supplier have overseas sex doll warehouses or sex doll European warehouses in the US, or can they be picked up at a UPS/FedEx delivery point? Customs or domestic shipping? Cardboard box or ordinary corrugated paper? Shipping domestically or overseas? Immediate delivery or make-to-order? Is a 2-4 week lead time suitable or too long? When should I start paying attention? With so many choices, so many sex doll suppliers, the potential for error is high. Try to choose safe, prudent and reasonable means of transportation.

You can also highlight the company’s description of the sex doll store to ensure transparency in the information provided by your sex doll company. ESDOLL editor made a rough analysis of how to choose dolls, hoping to help customers who love sex dolls.