Could smart sex dolls reduce human communication?

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There may be a lot of public discussion about AI applications since AI became a hot topic, but the only thing that hasn’t been discussed is sex. Although this is a difficult topic to discuss, anyone who has seen “Her” will be impressed by the voice of the protagonist obsessed with AI. Director Spike Jones wants to tell us that artificial intelligence may be the ultimate antidote to human loneliness. Previous technology couldn’t get to this level, but sex doll makers are working on it.


With long flowing hair, a beautiful face, and a slender figure, it is an AI sex doll on the market today. In appearance, it is not much different from a sex doll. But its head, eyelids and lips can move. More importantly, it can move, talk, and even have its own “temper”. An AI sex doll isn’t just a doll, it’s part of a new robotics revolution that incorporates AI into “humanoid” bodies.

The famous “Harmony” is the combination of sex dolls and artificial intelligence technology to create a companion robot that can communicate and develop its own personality, which took a long time to develop. It is equipped with a special APP, you can set your favorite character, such as strong, shy, etc., you can also choose mood, voice, accent, body parts and so on.


It recognizes the owner’s voice, and when everything is ready, you can talk to it. The process of chatting is also a learning process. As you communicate more, you will become more familiar with each other and understand each other better.

when someone buys artificial intelligence sex doll– Like “Harmony”, they can import data from the APP to the brain via bluetooth. Even more convenient, if you get tired of the doll, you can simply programmatically change your face, set a new personality, and you have a new love doll. As before, you can choose all the details of the doll when placing your order, including her figure, size of each part, hairstyle, etc.

Imagine the virtual character on the screen becomes this lifelike love doll. It remembers who it belongs to, what you like, what you fear, what you expect, and what you don’t like. It has sensors on its body, and when you interact with it or touch it, its emotions begin to change and manifest. Even in 2022, it’s still improving, with cameras in the eyes that can detect people’s movements and emotions. When the owner comes home, it will hug or shake hands. And such sex dolls are expensive, around $2,000. At the same time, there is a lot of news that AI sex dolls that look like men are also in the R&D center. The sex robot costs a lot, around £11,000. Of course, Matt hasn’t forgotten what women want. According to foreign media reports, “Abyss Creation” is developing a male AI sex doll.

The love dolls will be designed in all shapes and sizes, and the entire existing system will need to be rebuilt before it can be used new sex doll Platforms can be created. Manufacturers are also working on it. This is the next big project everyone is looking forward to. In the minds of these manufacturers, they not only love dolls, but also create companions.

Some see it as revolutionizing the way humans communicate with each other, while others see it as the worst advancement in AI technology. But in general, we must admit that, whether we like it or not, such an era has come. So the question arises: With AI sex dolls as perfect companions, would people still want to associate with real people?