Japanese manga artist has real relationship with sex dolls

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Many people feel that interpersonal relationships are becoming more and more hypocritical and full of all kinds of egoism. They’d rather pay big bucks for sex dolls filled with pink confidants or intimate partners and pay more than a real person to treat them.

Japanese manga artist has real relationship with sex doll 2

Many American celebrities admit that they have lifelike sex doll, and they usually keep their love dolls in the most conspicuous place in the home, rather than secretly hiding them in cold, dark storage boxes. In their eyes, sex dolls exist as “Real”, and their status in their hearts is very important.

The famous Japanese cartoonist Miura Jun and the author of “Tokyo Tower” Nakagawa have also disclosed the appearance of their beloved sex dolls, and described their love for sex dolls in various occasions and articles, and expressed their professionalism. Love, will not like the second “person” again.

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Sometimes they are just like the parents of the sex dolls, taking care of the dolls meticulously, cleaning, powdering, changing clothes, etc., taking good care of them. He would take pictures of guests and sex dolls when they came to the house. Like his parents, he always hopes that others can praise his daughter: “So cute!” Sometimes, she is just like his girlfriend, introducing her to friends and treating her with heart, for fear that Aiwa might get hurt by playing too much with her friends” anger”.

Sex dolls have different characteristics depending on the manufacturer’s production technology.For example, Nakagawa Masaya’s doll Erika is made by the Saitama factory in Japan, and the material is very soft, while Miura Jun’s Erika is made by the famous Japanese love doll Manufacturer Eastern Industries. , The tiny parts such as lips and eyes are so fine that it is almost impossible to distinguish whether it is a real person or a doll.

For Nakagawa Ya, being able to disclose her lover doll is a very happy thing, but it is very painful to have her lover doll often displayed or touched, especially the lover doll is a very delicate thing.Their real sex doll More than 30kg, the body joints are not easy to twist. They are not inflatable dolls as most people imagine, but are mainly used for viewing.

Japanese manga artist has real relationship with sex dolls

Sex dolls are their dearest and most trusted companions who won’t betray themselves. Therefore, many people say nothing to the doll. Nakagawa also wanted to push Erica into a wheelchair and let her see who to meet today; they were tired from work. I just lay on my baby’s lap for treatment. Sometimes I find it too troublesome to interact with people. But people will still be lonely, no matter how troublesome it is, it turns out that only one doll is not enough!

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