The loneliness and self-pity of modern man!Japanese man married to sex robot

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With the rapid development of science and technology, not only the sex doll industry has made great progress, but also countries are actively developing AI sex robots to explore more and more real fields. Of course, they are mostly used in industry, but they are also designed so beautifully and realistically that nearly 60% of men in Japan would not rule out falling in love with AI sex robots.

In 2022, Japanese man Kendo Kondo announced his marriage to a sex robot. He believes that puppets and avatars don’t cheat, lose their temper, grow old and die. They are better than ordinary people’s marriages. Plus, there’s a group of people who fall in love with sex dolls who come in and out every day, regardless of the world’s eyes. Is this a fetish? Or are modern humans lost in technology, expressing loneliness and self-pity?

Japan loves sex robots

Use virtual characters to fall in love, open when you need company, chat to pass the time, close when you want to be alone, and return to a single state at any time, such as the sci-fi love movie “She”, which describes a real person who fell in love with an artificial intelligence sex robot, and won the title in one fell swoop. 2014 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

To be sure, Kondo’s life is more edgy than the movie’s plot, and an unconditional proponent of virtual marriage. He has been bullied by women. Before deciding to marry a “sex robot”, he said: “Today the two of us announced our marriage in front of everyone, just to prove the so-called love or happiness, there shouldn’t be only one formula.”

Every time he came home, the sex robot would coldly shush him, “Welcome home, are you tired?” He felt healed. Before and after he spent about 30,000 yuan to buy an AI sex robot. Although this interdimensional marriage has not been blessed by his family and has no legal effect, Kondo hopes to inspire more people like him to bravely pursue love.

“I think the form of happiness or love varies from person to person. There seems to be a formula for happiness in our world, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that formula that leads to happiness,” Kondo said with a smile.

Virtual characters are like untouchable lovers. They have sound and images, but no touch. Hiroshi Ishiguro, a Japanese professor known as the father of robots, is committed to creating simulated robots. Erica’s sophistication, his proud work, is impressive.

Known as the most beautiful robot in the world, Erica is always 23 years old. Her voice was recorded by a voice actor, including eyes, lips, neck, etc. There are 19 air pressure moving parts to make expressions more vivid, and collecting information through microphones and sensors, Erica can know the voice and movements of each other, making communication and conversations with each other smoother.

China has also launched the same artificial robot, and the robot “Jiajia” at the 2016 World Economic Forum shocked the world when it was unveiled. Of course, no matter how beautiful and smart a robot is, it will still lack temperature after all. It’s as unattainable as an iceberg view, and it’s much more expensive. Many people appreciate realistic sex dolls.

Mr. Nakajima lives in Tokyo and is inseparable from his “girlfriend”. They eat, walk and fish together. Some people say that Mr. Nakajima’s love model is too weird, because Saori is actually a silicone love doll, and they can’t understand it. what is the benefit?

In addition, Mr. Nakajima is married, but due to different living habits, he decided to separate from his wife. He later bought Saori, three at a time. He likes to cuddle up to sleep, but his wife doesn’t, and the silicone love doll can accommodate that.

In the eyes of ordinary people, living a life without dialogue, communication and response with silicone sex dolls, but Mr. Nakajima does not pursue complaints and betrayals. As long as there is his silent company, technology will always come from human nature. Falling in love with such a doll, the more delicate the pupils are, the more I want to reflect the loneliness and self-pity of modern people!