Youtuber collects 4 sex dolls and expands to 20 targets

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American YouTuber Hefner bought 4 sex dolls on Christmas Eve 2022, and opened a YouTube channel at the end of the year – Jay Doll King Hefner, sharing his daily life with sex dolls with netizens, taking turns taking pictures every day She has produced different lover dolls and said her goal is to have at least 20 sex dolls.

christmas sex doll gift

Hugh Hefner, the founder of the American adult magazine Playboy, who claims to have thousands of girlfriends, the male YouTuber who declined to reveal his age dreams of becoming the Hefner of the sex doll world, according to the Daily Star. , and changed his surname to Hefner. he bought 4 sex dolls since christmas the eve of last year. He often uploads videos on YouTube of going out with the dolls or having a sweet time at home.

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Hefner called his love doll his female partner and took different love dolls Driving around every day because he feels so much better with these sex dolls than with complex humans and is completely stress-free. They can satisfy any of my fantasies! I should have! But Hefner is not satisfied. His future goal is to collect at least 20 lover dolls from various brands and races, and he declares that he is working to combat the stigma of sex dolls in society. “There can only be one human being.” companion. As for dolls, I want as many as I want. “

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