Sophisticated AI sex dolls will be better companions for humans

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According to emerging market experts, increasingly sophisticated sex dolls will make people better partners.

Sophisticated AI sex dolls will be better human companions

Simon Dab is a Canadian PhD in Psychology. He is currently researching emotional interactions between humans and sex dolls and artificial intelligence. He believes that with the help of these artificial characters, humans can more freely communicate with the other half, while deepening our emotional cognition.

He said that sex dolls are used as a “accompaniment” function, and with the help of sophisticated artificial intelligence equipment, they will be able to further identify human emotions, and people will become more and more confident to explore their preferences for the other half. “This technology can help us be better partners by teaching us things we don’t have in our heads right now,” Simon said.

“We need to stop viewing our relationship with sex dolls as something we use. They can help us discover our emotional preferences.” In addition, he said, “the invention, use and design of these objects can help us understand each other and improve Our relationship with humanity.”

The 27-year-old is studying for a Ph.D. at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.he thinks artificial intelligence sex doll Should be seen as a “virtual partner” that can help people understand their positioning. They give people more confidence in what they like and dislike, which in turn benefits them in real life.

Sophisticated AI sex dolls will be better companions for humans 1

In his view, the main driving force for people to have an intimate relationship with Eva is the desire for emotion and curiosity about sex, the pursuit of happiness, the exploration of new ways and the exploration of beautiful fantasies. also, sex doll It will not prevent the person you like from interacting with the real person, but will praise the beautiful relationship between people.

Sometimes we think of these lover dolls as mere distinctions – you can only interact with humans or lover dolls, which is exclusive. But we need to see these dolls as a possible way to improve people’s lives. They can provide support and companionship, not just sex as many imagine.

Simon believes that while AI sex dolls are still “in their infancy,” the growing popularity of the industry means we’ll soon be able to develop a deeper emotional connection with sex dolls. And, compared to the long-term development of virtual companions on mobile phones, it is more worthwhile, more realistic, adjustable and customizable.

Most people still don’t understand the benefits these dolls can provide. It can include societies, activists, different gender and community teams, or the need to use these dolls to improve human emotions.