Interview with a sex expert about sex dolls

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Controversy surrounding sex dolls continues. Those who deny it describe it as a bad product that objectifies humans. It is not conducive to the healthy development of human society and the further development of intimate relationships. The person holding them thinks of sex dolls, which not only gives them an emotional complement, but also makes them feel more confident about real-life intimacy.

Of course, there are different opinions, so are sex dolls lifelike humanoid companions? Does it elevate the true emotions in the relationship? Does it contribute to true intimacy? Relevant media interviewed Tong Li, a sex education expert and secretary-general of the Chinese Society of Sexuality. The content of the interview shows us the inner nature of sex dolls, and also provides more reference for customers who have not purchased sex dolls.

The following is the relevant interview content:

What is a sex doll?

sex doll also known as love doll and real doll. They are a highly realistic adult sex toy. The original intention of their invention is physical satisfaction. In the past, inflatable dolls have been mentioned in many movies and reports. With the revolution in technology and the evolution of materials, there are now sex dolls. People may need more visual and tactile stimulation, as well as psychological satisfaction, which creates a need for artificial human toys. Sex dolls have human figures and are actually derivatives of adult sex toys.

Did you know that the concept of “sex dolls” is too narrow?

For the user, there is a “sex doll” stigma, as if he has a doll, he is a pervert. Sometimes users have nothing to do with it, they even have sex with it and hug it and call it a “sex doll” like it’s dirty. Users need to be subtle and subtle. In fact, in my opinion, this view is too narrow for the definition and understanding of sexuality, and we have to expand the definition of sexuality.

What is the difference between a sex doll and other sex toys?

Compared with other adult toys, people who own sex dolls are more demanding and demanding of themselves, they know what they want, and they can take better care of themselves.

Do sex dolls need companionship and lover relationships?

Sex dolls are a substitute and gratification for real life. In fact, it is quite similar to the psychology of love, but it is more inclined to possess and control a person. He may have encountered setbacks in real life, it is difficult to establish a better real relationship, or some of his psychological needs cannot be met in reality, so he fulfills this part of the fantasy in the virtual world.

Sex dolls have another feature. She was at her mercy, unable to resist. The owner has control over the doll, kind of like a sadomasochistic plot. Some people may not be able to express their thoughts with their real partner, so they get their satisfaction from dolls. Of course, some users will have a “don’t talk to me about sex, I just appreciate it” mentality. But in our opinion, it’s a personal choice.

Is it possible for a puppet to emotionally replace a real person?

Some doll lovers see dolls as their girlfriends, wives, late wives and daughters. From a material point of view, a doll cannot replace a real person, but from an emotional point of view, it can achieve partial emotional satisfaction, repair pain, repair loss, and satisfy part of psychological desire.

There is feedback between people’s real emotions, that is, I have emotions for you, and you have emotions for me. A sex doll cannot give feedback on its own emotions, which means that the emotional feedback is only imagined by the user. For example, if you buy your wife a bag, she might appear aloof or happy and say, “I like/dislike this style.” But a doll can never have that kind of feedback.

Real emotions have power in people, they affect and change people. In real life, people have a lot of helplessness and incompetence. Imagination certainly brings pleasure. It creates a safe zone for people to send and entertain. But this is always just one’s own world, not real feedback from the outside world.

Why do people with partners buy sex dolls?

Also, some people have partners but still have sex dolls. This manifests itself in true intimacy, which is egalitarian and autonomous. On the one hand, sex dolls are also a manifestation of the desire to control interpersonal relationships, and people are more uncontrollable. Data surveys show that the vast majority of men still talk to themselves after marriage.When you and your partner are not sexually and emotionally