Japanese collectors create memories with sex doll ‘girlfriend’

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Japanese sex dolls are very popular. In 2022, many online variety shows introduced the development of sex dolls in depth, including sex doll albums, sex doll custom shops with Japanese characteristics, visual sex, etc. Dolls are more important collectors than wives! Don’t be too surprised if you travel to Japan and see someone out shopping with sex dolls.

AbemaTV, a popular online variety show platform in Japan, once launched a low-cost late-night drama “Give Details” and produced sex dolls for a period of time. Many people think that sex dolls are just pure male toys, but sex dolls have gradually stood on the stage of society, with the status of models, idols, and even many female lovers!

As mentioned in the video, many collectors want to pursue beauty beyond reality on sex dolls! Among them is Mr. Tomoko Nakajima, a collector in his 60s. Japanese sex doll circle must be mentioned!

Since Mr. Nakajima purchased his first sex doll, his family currently has more than 5 sex dolls. He always takes them out to play and shares photos of his day on social media. It can be said to be popular in the global doll circle. He has been interviewed by European and American media such as The New York Times and The Washington Post many times.

The Nakajima family is very ordinary, and he is not rich himself, but each sex doll costs more than 500,000 yen (about $5,000 to $10,000).In addition to his usual purchases, he also collects “used”, abandoned sex dolls or used sex dollsIt must be sold after the owner is married or in love.

To him, the sex dolls are more like girlfriends to create memories with than tools. Some people may think that being single is freedom to play without scruples. However, he is married with two children, and he values ​​his sex dolls more than his family.

The program team also interviewed Japan’s most famous sex doll manufacturer: Orient Industry. Their sex dolls are very famous in the industry, but also very expensive.

Of course, you will be hesitant to buy such an expensive sex doll for the first time, but as long as you make an appointment in advance, you can visit Oriental Industrial’s showrooms in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. You don’t have to be afraid to bump into other guests thanks to a fully booked system. You can relax and feel the beauty of each sex doll, choose the right one before buying.

At the same time, a professional tour guide is provided to explain the characteristics of each sex doll in detail.Visitors can see many different functions and feel many applications high tech sex doll, including some understandable instructions. Joints, extremely realistic spray painting of human blood vessels, and more.

Interested friends can try to find related videos to watch. my country is still a relatively traditional country with different views on sex dolls, but it is certain that it is also chasing the footsteps of foreign counterparts and is faintly surpassed. It has to be said that this industry is really developed in Japan.