Human sex doll providing emotional and health support

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Loneliness is a universal human emotion, complex and unique because it has no single common cause, and prevention and treatment of this potentially damaging psychological state vary widely. In today’s busy world and stressful work environment, it’s common for people to feel more alone and anxious than ever.

Human sex doll providing emotional and health support

Emotional support generally refers to all the encouragement, care, and love given emotionally to allow you to overcome difficulties in your own way. Relying on when you’re feeling down is one of the best parts of building a relationship. The industry has been working on a new type of doll – humanoid sex dolls that provide emotional support, and I believe it will play a huge role in today’s society.

Loneliness is in vogue

What makes us feel happy and fulfilled in life? Some might say that this is fame and fortune. However, surveys show that intimacy is what makes people happy. While our relationship needs are innate, some of us always live alone; some, on the other hand, are surrounded by other people all day, even married, and still feel a deep, general loneliness.

Loneliness affects people of all types and ages, with teenagers and older adults being more susceptible than others. Adolescents’ huge social networking cannot alleviate emotional loneliness, and elderly people are also prone to feeling lonely and isolated. Research shows that more than 20% of people over the age of 60 often feel extremely lonely, and fewer but more intimate relationships are more important.

Mental pain is similar to physical pain. In one experiment, scans of subjects showed reduced activity in pain-processing areas of the brain after taking a dose of acetaminophen. Additionally, loneliness can exacerbate the “fight or flight” response — the body’s response when a person is faced with harm or danger. Such a strong reaction can make people irritable and even angry.

Lonely people don’t welcome contact with others, and instead loathe the intervention of others in their lives, creating a pernicious cycle of isolation and isolation. The fast pace of life and the demands of today’s developing society make it difficult to achieve and maintain emotional balance. For the average person, a healthy relationship can be incredibly rewarding and sometimes life-changing. According to research by psychologists and MDs, healthy and fulfilling relationships not only provide emotional stability, but are actually an important part of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Feelings such as the desire for love and affection can have important and positive effects on the state of mind and body. This is not surprising, because when we experience these emotions, a series of chemical reactions and chemical processes take place.

Loneliness is a state of mind

Loneliness is often defined as a state of being alone, but loneliness is actually a psychological state that makes one feel empty and alone.

Lonely people often crave contact with others, but their mental state makes it more difficult for them to connect with others. According to many experts, being alone does not necessarily mean being alone. Conversely, if you feel lonely and isolated, that’s how loneliness affects your mental state. For example, college freshmen may feel lonely despite being surrounded by roommates and other classmates.

While ending a relationship can be beneficial for our mental health and physical well-being in certain specific situations, starting a single life at a certain age and finding another relationship can also be a challenge. In addition to emotional needs, there are biological factors, as well as self-awareness, that can negatively impact our search for another life partner. People don’t like to live alone. They really need another person to develop their habits healthily. Their abilities, their cognitive abilities, there are many examples in literature and movies that describe the negative effects of loneliness very accurately.

Human sex dolls that provide emotion and health 1

In the case of The Forest, a boy raised by monkeys cannot develop all the necessary skills to enable him to live in society simply because his brain has not experienced human company. While animals, not necessarily primates, can provide some emotional support, and even some substitute for human relationships, they can never provide the same range of support as humans.

The material component of feelings is as important as the emotional component. The ability to communicate with others clearly expresses our emotions, our concerns, our desires, and our needs, and is an innate part of human character. Hence, the same goes for the physical-emotional needs and the psycho-emotional needs.

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In non-medical fields, loneliness and its attendant increased health risks have not gone unnoticed. In 2017, former U.S. Department of Health Director Vivek Murthy published an article on work and loneliness in the Harvard Business Review. “In my years of caring for patients, the most common disease was not heart disease or diabetes, but loneliness,” he noted. “Since the 1980s, that loneliness has doubled.”

Now that the harmful effects of loneliness are being recognized and proven, what should we do? In my opinion, human-sized sex dolls may be a being that provides emotional support. It looks real, provides real and authentic facial expressions, and can play a major role in combating loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

Even the purely human existence of sex dolls reminds us of people we cherish, people we like, and can have a very beneficial effect on a person’s emotional stability and balance. It is still unknown, inconclusive, and unable to make any medical claims, but it can be asserted that high-quality humanoid dolls can become playmates in life and can emotionally replace a relationship, even if only temporarily.

We’d like to see some medical research, or at least some sociological research, that actually measures the benefits of human sex dolls. Photography and fashion modeling are among the most popular uses for human sex dolls. Many people find themselves incredibly happy and fulfilled while using the dolls as models and exploring their photography and fashion skills. This is a great example of how human sex dolls can positively impact and change people’s lives.

Of course, there are also physical components, but that’s not a necessary use. This is an optional opportunity, and we hope to choose this way. We believe that ESDOLL’s well-designed, high-quality original human sex dolls will soon become a new therapy for people with depression, relationship anxiety, self-awareness and disorders.