Geeks find alternative love through sex dolls

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What works for some people may not work for others. Take love as an example. When we meet up with friends, at a bar, or even when shopping, most of us choose to meet a new man or woman to find love. However, there is a group of people who prefer to find it in fantasy worlds. These people are called geeks.

Geek is a slang term for geeks who are obsessed with video games, animated movies, and lifelike sex dolls. Essentially, these people are the equivalent of geeks in English slang.

It can be said that these geeks have completely abandoned the imagination of women in real life, because they believe that human emotions are full of deceit and betrayal, but love dolls will never do these things, they can 100% trust love dolls.

The nine-to-five work day tires them out. Faced with various problems from bosses, colleagues, and family members, they don’t have the energy to deal with other things. Although it may seem strange, Ta-Bo’s behavior of collecting more than 100 sex dolls has gradually become a daily habit of otaku. Part of the reason is sheer laziness, but the reasons cannot be generalized.

The time and money spent on socializing is prohibitive. Now, you can buy exactly what you need at your fingertips. why not? However, other than wanting to get emotional fast, what drives a seemingly ordinary man like Ta-Bo to become a geek and a second-generation otaku, and pours almost all the wealth they can get into these things. Where is the angry love doll?

According to John, the company’s CEO ESDOLL, which is largely related to the cultural atmosphere of Japanese society. Today, women are sometimes more dominant than men in the real world, and they don’t always focus on men. He also said the issue needed to be seen in a longer-term perspective. More and more people are finding life difficult, so these love dolls are made in part to support them.

With the passage of time, the audience of these sex dolls has increased, and even at the beginning of the epidemic, a craze for sex dolls has been sparked, and it has continued.

According to New York Times columnist Lisa, more than a quarter of unmarried men and women between the ages of 30 and 34 in today’s society have never been in a relationship. Many are inexperienced sexually and completely unable to form a normal partnership. The relationship seemed normal to them, but it was a complete mystery to us.

This has also prompted many men and women to give up the pursuit of love and instead pursue Accompanying sex dolls. Of course it’s another way of life, but must it be wrong? More on that later.
Otaku have romantic feelings about non-living things, such as pillows, video game characters or characters, more specifically called 2D lovers. In the previous article, the editor mentioned the Japanese man Ta-Bo, generally known as the two-dimensional lover. He owns over hundreds of thousands of sex dolls, each owned by a famous Japanese sex doll company. production.