An old American bought 10 sex dolls as his lover

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Stories abound about sex dolls, and the reasons for owning them are bizarre. Some people have physical desires, some people want to relieve the feeling of loneliness, and some people are purely out of the hobby of collecting.Today, ESDOLL editor will introduce to you American love doll fan, and he’s just a regular member of the sex doll hobby.

man married sex doll 1

Uncle Dean Bevin, 60, is a household name in America because he has 10 life size sex doll in his home. Not only did he take turns hugging them every day and basking in the yard, he helped them. Dress up, celebrate birthdays, buy them all kinds of nice clothes and expensive cosmetics with your pension fund.

“In my 60 years of life, it’s never been easier to find a hobby,” Dean said. It’s a great thing for me to wake up early in the morning and see these beautiful faces. In this regard, his 22-year-old daughter Rhiannon said: “In the beginning, we lacked communication. For a long time, my father seemed to be a little worried. Now it warms my heart to see him so happy.”

Dean got divorced and his love life wasn’t going well, so he gave up his relationships with humans and started collect sex dolls. Leonor was surprised at first, but now he understands that these sex dolls can accompany his father, let him not be alone, and let his retired father have his own hobbies, which is a relief. In college, Leonor also helped Love Doll with makeup and clothing selection.

man married sex doll 2

Leonor also said: “Of course I can’t pretend it’s a normal thing because it’s actually crazy. But maybe it’s also a naive joy.”

Dean was a psychiatrist before retiring. Five years ago, he and “love at first sight” big ass sex doll Sarah, a few hours later he stopped calling Sarah “it” but “she”. “My brain tells me it’s stupid because they’re just sex dolls, but love dolls made of TPE, silicone and metal, but they’ve changed and I want to protect them,” Dean said.

In Dean’s mind, each love doll has its own name and personality, so he bought a lot of different styles of clothes to match. In his home, we can see “Monique” who likes to sit on the sofa and play plays; in the kitchen, “Athena” who loves tea, and “Sarah”, an intellectual girl who loves to read in bed.

Some people may find this all strange and unacceptable, but it’s commendable that each of us is true to ourselves, as Dean said: I’m glad I didn’t do anything to hurt anyone. .