ESDoll advises you on disposal of discarded sex dolls

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In the United States, there are approximately 200 businesses selling sex dolls, and a conservative estimate is that approximately 5 million dolls are sold each year. Clearly, sex doll sales in the U.S. are a hot market. According to ESDOLL editors, U.S. sales account for only one-fifth of China’s.

esdoll gives you advice on disposal of discarded sex dolls

In recent years, my country’s technology in the sex doll industry has developed rapidly. It has gradually caught up with Japan and has a vague tendency to surpass it. In addition, the price is relatively cheap, you can buy it for a few hundred dollars. It has become the world’s largest sex doll production and sales market. In Guangdong alone, there are more than 20 branded doll manufacturers in Huizhou, Zhongshan, Dongguan and other places, one of which produces at least 2,000 dolls per month.

esdoll gives you advice on disposal of discarded sex dolls 1

In 2010, when ESDOLL editors first entered the industry, they were warned that they would affect morality because of their analysis, sharing, and recommendation articles related to adult products. Today, with the gradual liberalization of cultural exchanges, the thinking of the younger generation is starting to change. Relevant content is more acceptable and more open. Singles and couples no longer have to worry about buying and talking. Sexual openness is the horn of the times.

But there are some things you will pay special attention to. For example, there are a few factors you need to consider when buying a sex doll. Due to their large size, sex dolls usually have a 1:1 ratio to a human. They can’t pick up directly. They can only be purchased via freight. People also demand secret deliveries, tight packaging, and other requirements. That way, they don’t have to worry about being spotted when it’s delivered to your home or courier station for pickup. Some people only write their first name and not their last name, which is also to ease the embarrassment, but remember to contact you and remember to write the phone number, email and zip code corresponding to your city, and be ready to receive the goods at any time.

related masturbation sex toys The adult industry is generally made of silicone or TPE, so the recycling of adult products after disposal is a problem, especially sex doll torso, full size sex doll.

According to the editor of ESDOLL, when the typhoon blew through China’s coastal areas, he saw news reports that a river next to a bridge in Shanghai looked like a floating corpse, floating and sinking, with only one pair of feet. exposed from a distance. According to reports, the police rushed to the scene. After the floating corpse was salvaged ashore, he was angry and funny. It turned out to be a sex doll. At that time, she was stunned when she saw the news footage. That body and face is not the gender that our manufacturer sells. toy doll?

For consumers in the United States or other countries. ESDOLL editors will be notified to purchasers. When dealing with sex dolls, don’t throw them away. It must be disassembled, the “meat” is cut off, the inner skeleton is disassembled, and the garbage is collected, so as not to cause trouble to the society.

esdoll gives you advice on disposal of discarded sex dolls 3

For Chinese consumers, many domestic doll manufacturers are very considerate Disposal of sex dolls, and put forward relevant countermeasures. Even “destruction” helps clients think.

ESDOLL sex doll makers have revealed their recycling methods for consuming sex dolls in China. When the customer does not need the doll and the doll is damaged and cannot be used, Chinese sellers can contact their after-sales customer service to send the doll back to the factory. The workers dismantled and processed the dolls on their behalf, stripped the outer layers of the dolls, and recovered the remaining iron skeletons. In the big cardboard box, you can see all the long irons. Although troublesome, it will not cause trouble to society and the environment.