History of Inflatable Dolls and Silicone & TPE Dolls

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In a previous blog post on who invented sex dolls, it was mentioned that Dr. P invented sex dolls. It takes three months to make a realistic sex doll. The three-month work will include elaborate internal frames, head and body hair, and teeth. Also nails, skin tone, vein lines, eyes and tongue. He also clarified why he didn’t want to be named: “Unfortunately, I can’t advertise it publicly. The police have been interfering with my business and I have had to put some weird rubber animals around so I can say I’m a deed.” The people who made the inflatable models at the Fund show.”

For most of Western history, attempts to reproduce human images, especially for sexual purposes, would be considered blasphemous and undoubtedly punishable by law. In the East, mannequins cannot be made casually, and serious ones may be seen as out of bounds.

In these French records discovered by the study, it can be seen that the lover doll making technology at that time was very advanced, the appearance was lifelike, and the function could even mimic ejaculation. Although these research projects have remained underground, their technology has evolved very rapidly.

According to the found documents, Sex dolls have had articulations since at least 1922.

The bodies of these sex dolls are like living men and women, and they can change positions at will with a simple press… This complete machine, for men and women, sells for 3,000 francs. The instrument can be equipped with a recording accessory to record and play any sound, 3250 francs for men and 3500 francs for women.

Like the selfless and harmonious atmosphere at the forum, the rest of the continent said to the French: “Good people live and work in peace”. Because France did not have a monopoly on the technology, but allowed it to spread widely. Since then, sex dolls have blossomed not only in France, but also in Germany, Austria and other countries. However, Germany is the cheapest and Austria is the most expensive.

But so far, people have secretly kept sex dolls for private enjoyment, but who makes and creates public sex dolls? Soon, a well-known artist publicly displayed the sex doll for the first time, and this man was Oskar Kokoschka. (Who is Oscar Kokoschka, the next blog will be serialized, please read carefully).