Are sex dolls harmful to society and human health?

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Feminists and so-called moral figures have been stigmatizing sex dolls since their introduction. To this day, admitting to owning a sex doll is still not socially acceptable. One of the rumors used to deny owners of sex dolls is that they are not safe. They claim the dolls are poisonous and that owning them could hurt oneself. They are a threat to society. In fact, all of these statements are fictitious, and none of them are even true.

safety material

The first statement about sex dolls is that their materials are not safe. Critics of sex dolls say regular exposure to plastic materials can be harmful. For example, in the past decade, it has been found that water stored in plastic bottles for a long time can cause cancer because nitrites are produced when drinking water for a long time.

But not mentioned in these statements is that most sex dolls are made from a thermoplastic elastomer called TPE, which has been specially designed to combine silicone and the latest synthetic technology to create a Material that is non-toxic and harmless to humans. Manufacturers have been improving this material over the years because they want customers to experience the product in any way they choose without endangering their health.

good touch

There is also a theory that sex dolls are made of materials that are rough to the touch. Actual sex dolls feel just as good as many healthy people, if not better than most skinned ones. The materials they produce have been blended many times, and after output they are trimmed and polished to a smooth appearance.

damage resistance

Others claim it’s dangerous for people because the sex doll’s skeleton is made of an alloy that could harm you in some way. The person who said this may not have bought a doll, and customers for more than ten years have never encountered this problem. I don’t know if the doll was put in the car and flew out the window because of an accident, but one customer did have such an experience, his doll was actually a bit worn, but intact.

Howard Stern once showed off his life-size sex doll on air. Due to his high popularity, this was a watershed moment for the doll. Since then, thousands of customers have endorsed and started buying sex dolls. To the knowledge of the ESDOLL editors, no one has ever experienced any reports of negative health consequences, and nearly everyone I spoke with felt fine.

How to be safe?

Sex dolls are inherently safe, but there are some best practices you should follow as a responsible owner. Pay attention to the quality of the products you buy. There may be some dubious companies selling inferior dolls, there is a certain risk.

However, the high-quality love dolls sold by ESDOLL have been tested by the expert team to ensure that there is no risk of harming themselves when using them. Starting with love dolls made of TPE or pure silicone, you don’t have to worry about wear, toxicity or allergies.

Quality lasts

This industry has great regulations, buy from reputable online sellers to make sure you get what you promise. It’s OK to spend a little money on a high-quality lover doll, because you’ll get a high-quality sex doll made of TPE or silicone with a padded skeleton that can withstand shocks without losing shape and will stay with you for many years .