How do storytelling sex dolls improve lives?

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In addition to single purchases of TPE sex dolls, there are many collectors and doll lovers around the world who treat them as art collections and even as family members. Enthusiasts shop online for doll clothing, accessories and accessories and dress them up; some buyers treat TPE sex dolls as children, taking them to camping picnics, shopping and bike rides, and even subway rides. In the story of the doll circle, there are two people who are household names. Each of them has more than 200,000 followers on social media, and they often share their amusing lives with the dolls online.

How sex dolls improve their lives

Feng Chen (net name), who is in his 60s this year, is from Huishui, Guizhou. He is quite famous for buying TPE sex dolls locally, and he is also quite popular in the doll circle. Doll lovers affectionately call him “Uncle Wind”. Many of his photos and life experiences of dolls have aroused huge repercussions.

In May 2014, Uncle Feng ordered his first sex doll online and named it “Xiao Xue”. The next day he asked his son to take Xiaoxue to a nearby tourist attraction to take pictures, which attracted him for a while. Countless passersby rushed to watch.

Although Xiaoxue was portrayed as a sex doll with gender characteristics and special significance at the beginning of production, for Uncle Feng, Xiaoxue has exceeded the scope of its original character setting and has a deeper meaning of existence. With its appearance, Uncle Feng’s retirement life ushered in the second spring of his life.

Before buying the first love doll, Uncle Feng experienced a failed marriage. Because his wife is a gambler, Uncle Feng endured for a long time and decided to divorce his wife. But now that he has a new marriage partner, he attributes this fate to Xiaoxue, who brought them together. At present, Uncle Feng takes his son and wife to engage in the TPE sex toys business and earns a good income.

How sex dolls improve their lives 2

Song Bo is another protagonist of the story. A medical diagnosis nearly dashed his hopes for life. The intracranial arachnoid cyst and complex disease had him almost counting the days to live. A chance encounter brought him into contact with a sex doll. In the days he thought were limited, such company seemed his best option.

He named himself and the lifelike sex dolls who played children’s characters “Onoji Hualien” and “Little Butterfly”, respectively. He often shares his daily life with sex dolls online. He has about 250,000 followers and often carries a lover doll. Walking on the streets of Tianjin, riding a bicycle, taking the subway, going to restaurants, shopping malls, and going out for a picnic, he took a series of photos of his life and shared them with people in this sex doll circle.

How to make sex dolls to improve their lives 1

The same fans will be moved by Song Bo’s warm and affectionate way of getting along. Most people in this group see sex dolls as a kind of sustenance, reflecting their inner emotions and inner world on love dolls. But there are a lot of people who can’t agree with something like this. “I don’t care what other people think of me, I just want to be happy,” Song Bo said.

When he was sick, he was afraid of being restrained, and getting married and having children seemed even more distant. Facing the situation where he may fall at any time, for him, he just wants to cherish the time he is alive, and everything now can make him comfortable. It’s 2022, and their social accounts seem to still be there. Song Bo’s business is developing smoothly and his income is stable; some say he has married and has children, while others say he has left. do not know anything. Importantly, their stories with sex dolls are still circulating in the doll world.