Sex dolls replaced by dead relatives to help the living relieve grief

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Grieving couples who have lost a loved one to the COVID-19 pandemic are buying sex dolls to help ease their pain, according to an analysis of the doll industry.

ESDoll editors mentioned earlier that the demand for sex doll lovers has exploded following the implementation of lockdown policies in countries around the world due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in the past year. Chinese doll makers have also received requests for some odd custom love dolls. Some customers want human bone dolls, and some customers want sex dolls that look like their pets.

daisy-158cm-5-18ft-tan skin silicone sex angel doll

Today, many people start using these sex doll models as their emotional support. Many customers of the doll brand complain that they cannot easily meet people or date through various online social software such as facebook, whatsapp and skype. In this regard, Mr David of ESDOLL Reality Sex Dolls said: “There is a lot of discussion online that people are trapped in their own homes, feeling lonely and needing someone to be with them.”

“Fortunately, sex dolls meet a lot of people’s needs. When our partner’s factories were closed for weeks during the pandemic, everyone was under enormous pressure and shipments were always very unpredictable. We were fortunate to have So many customers who supported us. They supported us in every situation. We thank them for preventing our business from closing during this pandemic. We survived.”

Effie 170cm sex doll

In addition to providing companionship, dolls also take the place of dead relatives. Some people who have lost a loved one during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic want a TPE humanoid doll to help them through this grieving process, and sex dolls have become part of this healing process, knowing that during this time they provided help. For many people, it’s all worth it.

In normal times, many people don’t even consider lifelike sex dolls as an option, but now they are turning their attention to lifelike sex dolls. In addition, the relationship between the couple was found to have deepened a lot. Maybe they’re trying to maintain a lover’s interests during the lockdown period stuck at home, or exploring a safe partnership.


An article published in the last two weeks, “Lifelike sex dolls may be the new darling of fashion, see how industry professionals use them properly” shows that ESDOLL sex toys have replaced live-action models during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic Mannequin. At the same time, relevant data also show that from February 2022 to March 2022, people’s interest in sex dolls increased by 51.6% compared to the same period last year.

Sex doll suppliers are also witnessing another new trend brought on by global coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. Sustainability groups have launched more gender-neutral fashion and photo models, with demand up 400 percent since March last year.

140cm URSA sex doll

We’ve always known that while the name contains some connotations, sex dolls express more than just sex. They are essentially another form of human presence that can be brought to a variety of situations where human presence is required but not practical. value. This is what we see more and more as the epidemic gradually stabilizes. We are excited to see the use of sex dolls expand into various other industries, helping to increase our passion for things we truly love.