Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s safe. Immensely Pleasurable!! I had been wanting to buy this silicone sex doll for my husband. He was weary and didn’t think he’d like it. I surprised him with this for Valentine’s Day. Wow, we had so much fun! This was SO SOFT and beautiful. I was fascinated. It had a smell, not a chemical one, more like it had been packaged a while. I washed it before use and it was good to go. Husband loved it, I loved it. I don’t know how long it will last though, because it’s so soft and delicate. I washed with warm water and a tiny bit of soap. The outside gets tacky but I just patted a little pure cornstarch baby powder on the outside and voila, good as new. It takes some love and works to clean it and care for it, but good things usually do. 🙂

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