TPE stains on adult dolls?Know how to remove them in 10 seconds or less

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Have you ever seen TPE stains on your adult dolls? Have you tried removing them? Yes?

Did you get any noticeable results? No?

Don’t worry; here, in this blog, we’ll explore effective ways to get your doll off stains in 10 seconds or less. So, let’s get started.

What are the causes of stains on the doll’s skin?

Before learning how to remove stains, let’s first understand what causes stains on your doll’s skin.

TPE material is very elastic and durable. However, the skin of the doll is highly porous, which makes the doll very soft to the touch. The small holes in the doll’s skin make it easy to stain and absorb moisture. Therefore, you must not store the doll in a damp or damp environment.

Additionally, the main cause of TPE stains on sex dolls is dressing the doll with tight clothing with elastic waste tape, or exposing the doll to new dark fabrics. The new fabric has excess dye that can leave stains on the doll’s skin if left for a long time. So keep these points in mind if you’re shopping for fantasy love dolls in Oregon.

How to remove TPE stains from dolls?

Now, it’s time to learn the easiest way to remove stains or discoloration from your doll’s skin. The following methods are best for silicone and TPE adult sex dolls.

  • Obtain an odorless paint solvent. You can buy any available option on the market.
  • Take a cotton swab, dip it in the solvent, and apply it evenly to the stain.
  • Let the solvent sit on the stain for about 10 to 60 seconds. Depending on the depth of the stain, you must leave the solvent on the stain accordingly.
  • Now, use a clean cotton swab to wipe the solvent off the doll’s skin.

Using this method, you will be able to make your doll look brand new as if you were seeing her for the first time.

If the stains on your doll are due to too much dye in the new fabric, you can use the following methods-

  • All you need is a cotton swab and a bottle of cleaner. You can use any type or brand of detergent you like or use at home.
  • Now, dip a cotton swab in a cleanser or stain remover and apply it to the doll’s skin, the stain.
  • From here, you have to be patient as this process can take a lot of time. It may take 3 to 5 hours to completely clean the stain. So, get ready to wait and watch.
  • When the wait is over, take a clean cloth and wipe the cleanser from the doll’s skin.
  • Repeat the process if you find that the stain is not removed.

When shopping for stylish realistic sex dolls in Illinois, we often don’t think about doll care and maintenance. This is actually the biggest mistake we all make. From day one, if you understand how to properly handle and care for your doll, there will be no such problems. So take care of the doll and keep these points in mind.