4 Reasons Reality Sex Dolls Help Overcome Grief

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Today, many lonely people find solace in these sex dolls, many of which are custom-made to make the sex doll look more real or more like their lost partner.

Reality sex dolls help overcome grief 3

ESDoll is a sex doll maker. Aside from ordinary daily shipments, the most sought after request is a love doll imitating a deceased loved one. Now, more and more people are trying to embrace sex dolls. They appreciate the technology, which frees them from loneliness, and the richness of emotion in their hearts continues.

Losing someone significant can be emotional, and realistic sex doll It can free people from the loneliness and sadness that this loss brings. It may sound crazy, but what’s more important than making people happy? Today, I’m going to talk about how sex dolls have helped thousands of people escape the depression and sadness that comes with being alone or lost.

1. Sex dolls relieve stress and anxiety

Loneliness or the departure of a loved one always brings stress, anxiety and depression.

Biologically speaking, love is an important human need. When these needs are not met, it becomes dangerous.According to ESDoll’s internal disclosures, “More than 50% of client requests custom sex doll to family. “It’s the perfect definition of a true partner.” That’s basically why we call it soulmate. “

Realistic sex dolls help overcome grief

Although the combination of AI and sex dolls is not mainstream now, many people use sex dolls Fight anxiety and loneliness. Fortunately, the relationship with the doll doesn’t destroy the actual relationship, on the contrary, it spice up things and make the beautiful outcome even better.

It mostly depends on how you open up to those around you and accept inanimate third parties to help you.

2. Sex dolls give these people hope

Plenty of lonely people own sex dolls. They feel more comfortable with inanimate objects than with real people. They think it’s beyond their scope. It can help anyone with social anxiety disorder stop being depressed. The reason most people like sex dolls is because they are always so obedient, not quarrelling, jealous, abusive.

Reality sex dolls help overcome grief 1

It’s perfect for those who have lost hope of a good romantic relationship with a real partner, or don’t have the necessary skills to start or maintain a relationship, or just want purer love.

A lot of people usually think of themselves as fetishes or even perverts, but these people don’t really understand why they keep the dolls.

3. Sex dolls make people feel heard

Society is impetuous, and many people are experiencing personal problems such as insecurities, social anxiety, etc.

However, they are easy to get along with the humanoid dolls, which is a better way to experience love release and fulfillment. Sex dolls help those who are stressed and threatened to express their feelings and what it’s like to be heard.

when and such a real doll, they can rest assured that they will not be judged by appearance, money or knowledge.

4. Sex dolls are great companions

A talking AI sex doll is a great companion, not just for sex.She said: “Eighty percent of people are primarily social, which includes some conversational interactions, and 10 to 20 percent have real sex with dolls, which comes from the sexual side. “

“Many clients just want to experience companionship, warm hugs and care.”

These sex dolls have multiple personality settings, can understand the likes and dislikes and overall interests of their owners, respond to human touch, can move all parts of their bodies, and like real people, sex dolls can also have their own emotions.

Realistic sex dolls help overcome grief 2

Many doll buyers believe that these humanoid love dolls help get their lives back on track. “We can see that some people abroad are even married to Love Dolls. They say Love Dolls help them find meaning in life when they feel there is nothing worth living,” an ESDoll spokesman said.