Sex doll research from plastic, rubber to silicone and Tpe materials

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Photos of some sex dolls can be seen on official e-commerce brands such as RealDoll and ESDOLL. These sex doll photos always show a very realistic figure, which seems to imply that the sex doll will be very human-like.

Even today, we seem to think that’s impossible because so many love dolls are plastic scraps.misleading real photos are posted on its packaging, and sex doll maker As cleverly described in the disclaimer, the model on the doll is for reference only.

Research sex dolls from plastic rubber to silicone tpe material

In the early days, this simple plastic sex doll didn’t look like a human, but it was still sold and loved. In the mid-19th century, science helped us move from cloth and leather to rubber, then synthetic rubber. Rubber has been around for a while, but before the advent of vulcanization, it deformed rapidly and clumped when heated.

Around the 1840s, vulcanization technology developed, paving the way for more practical and durable materials. There is very little information about early sex dolls made of rubber. In 1908, Ivan Bloch wrote a Articles about sex dolls, say sex dolls are made of rubber and other plastic materials and they look like female or male sex dolls. In the advertisements of the 1970s and 1980s, it was known that wigs could be customized in different colors, and sometimes even different hairstyles, to suit the tastes of customers.

the emergence of pornstar sex doll It’s been around for a long time, but often it takes a very active imagination to see many similarities.No information can be found at this time, although it is known that Linda Lovelace’s lifelike sex doll Appeared in the early 70’s.

Research sex dolls from plastic rubber to silicone tpe material 2

In fact, I can’t even find anything about who invented the explosive doll. When you are looking for your first inflatable doll or who invented the inflatable doll, you will get 1000 Hitler search results. Rumor has it that Hitler’s idea was to prevent soldiers from mixing with non-Aryan women.

The most exciting part of this rumor is that this love doll prototype will be the inspiration for Barbie, but Barbie is actually from the popular comic book character Bearded Lily.

Now doll makers want to make mannequins with more realistic curves, which is also a game changer in the sex doll industry. Attempts to switch from plastics and rubbers to TPEs and silicones have been adopted across the industry. In the decades-long development of the sex doll industry, an entire culture of idolatry has become a global phenomenon.

Research sex dolls from plastic rubber to silicone tpe material 1

It’s all a far cry from the false claims of the first vinyl dolls, but it’s still being produced and sold, probably because high-quality sex dolls are so expensive and heavy. But I believe that sex doll technology will continue to improve as companies strive for more authentic and interactive experiences.