Are Ai sex robots a real threat to people?

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The reason for fear is always the same: the unknown. In this case, the biggest problem really isn’t human sex dolls. This is after the whole artificial intelligence, we can’t see it, but we have started to realize its existence.

AI-Sex Robot-esdoll

AI is slow but sure to take over the world, and that’s probably something we should be focusing on. Think about it, our cars, mobile phones, home appliances…everything is connected to one giant network.

So, what are the odds of being attacked by a sex robot? To be honest, is a really tall AI sex robot more dangerous than a self-driving car or your smart refrigerator?

As Lauren Irene recently wrote in THE BRAG: “Of course, some people find the idea of ​​artificial intelligence (AI) sex robots disgusting, but many more see them as a looming security risk.

Late last year, a US security consultant named Nick Patterson sparked a wave of panic online when he suggested that humanoid sex dolls could be remotely transformed into tools of violence. “Hackers can break into robots or robotic devices and take full control of their connections, arms, legs and other additional tools, in some cases knives or welding equipment,” Patterson said.

“Once the robot is hacked, the hacker has full control and can give instructions to the robot.”

It’s a weird fantasy, but we understand it’s hard to imagine a refrigerator wanting your life. But you’re more likely to imagine an evil doll, a tall robot trying to chase you. The current situation is that our inner fears are suddenly externalized. They have their own shapes and unique forms – they look like people and even talk.

This is a very interesting situation. Come to think of it, in addition to climate change, terrorism, etc., we worry about unconscious babies chasing us with kitchen knives. This may be because our true fears are always ingrained and we fear the unknown rather than being part of our reality over the centuries.

There are also issues that deserve more attention, and that is the validity issue, which is that we cannot ignore the ethical issues that sex robots have raised. “The biggest challenge will come from artificial intelligence capable of complex thinking and behavior,” says philosopher Sam. “If an AI could satisfy all your desires better than a human would you choose to date it? Is it unreasonable or wrong? If so, why? I don’t think about myself thinking about these issues satisfy.”

After all, being with a robot and having a relationship with a robot are two different things. A thinker in our country believes: “For a robot to truly love humans, it must have ’emotional and inner experience’. You could even say it must be self-aware. But there is no doubt that this creates more problems.”

There are potential moral, ethical and psychological challenges ahead, but also many potential benefits. Also, don’t forget that full body dolls are for fun, entertainment, companionship and not a higher purpose. Whether they save or destroy humanity remains to be seen.