Chinese doll factory exports sex dolls to South Africa to record high

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In the past 2022, South African adult products company LuvLand has recorded record high import demand for sex dolls. You know, in 2022, they only ordered 6 sex dolls from the Chinese doll factory to test the market demand.

Company Operations Manager Patrick Meyer said: “In the beginning, we only ordered 6 sex dolls in October, and the supplier delivered the products to us a few weeks later. By the end of the year, there was only one. Take inventory, you must know that China’s per capita GDP is only more than 6,300 US dollars. .”

chinese sex doll factory
Since then, in early 2022, the company will import about 50 sex dolls from China each month, and supply is still in short supply. Today, Meier’s company purchases nearly 200 pieces per month.consumer obsession with sex dolls Increased import demand for such products in his industry.

These sex dolls are very realistic as they weigh about the same as a real person and are made of solid materials like silicone or TPE. The skin feels more realistic, and the steel skeleton allows them to better mimic human body movements. From the outside, it may seem like it’s all about sex, but Meyer has come to think that the doll’s appeal isn’t just about sex over the past few years in the sales process.

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“Sex dolls have a huge market in South Africa,” he said. sex doll price Typically between $1,200 and $2,000. Although it is a doll, the actual weight is about 30 kilograms, and it is usually made by real people. Some consumers will put them in the kitchen or lounge to communicate with them. And for those who are lonely, dolls are a way for them to enjoy their spiritual life. For those who are introverted and lack confidence, sex dolls are their companions. “

Soroka, a social work expert on mental health, sex, marriage and more, is not optimistic about the sudden increase in demand South African sex dollsShe worries that such an outcome would lead humans to prefer to stay with dolls rather than humans, whose self-esteem is very fragile. However, due to the lack of open and candid discussions on social, intimacy, etc., in reality, consumers tend to choose simpler ways to meet their psychological needs.

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But she also admitted that despite some concerns, sex dolls eventually entered the South African market, setting off a craze. She said: “Although there are various controversies, they are all natural evolutions of social development, a combination of human needs and technology. It is reasonable to exist.”