Sex dolls are a lonely business opportunity and the dawn of the future

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A coronavirus pandemic has rewritten the future world, including the way humans face loneliness and loneliness.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I couldn’t go out for a whole month. In addition to communicating with family and friends, I can only chat on Twitter and Facebook every day. Haruki Murakami said in “Norwegian Forest”: “Whoever likes loneliness should not make friends, it will only be disappointing.”

sex robot

Today, when the relationship between people is becoming more and more distant, many young people have become accustomed to all kinds of communication on dating software, including finding couples. Over time, a new generation may use sex dolls as emotional sustenance.

According to research data from AmazonX, the U.S. adult product market is expected to be worth $9 billion in 2022, and the development of artificial intelligence is accelerating the development of this industry. Known as the world’s first intelligent sex doll “Harmony”, its birth is the combination of creator Matt McMullan’s more than 20 years of sex doll making experience and 5 years of robotics development. Artificial intelligence has brought it a breakthrough development, giving it life and character “harmony”, giving it a chance to truly become a member of the family and soulmate.

Harmony can laugh, talk, listen, remember your birthday, remember your favorite food, speak sweet words, and talk to you about your favorite topics. It could be Socrates’ philosophy, or Shakespeare’s quote, or even when you’re alone. Some might find the concept odd, but it’s the most honest in terms of price and sales. Currently, Harmony is being sold at a market price of $12,000. Its sales have grown more than 50% since the coronavirus outbreak last year.

And sex doll and robot manufacturers have also launched products that combine AI, which can be customized according to customer preferences, with more dialogue functions, and some can do housework. These seemingly incredible products are not new abroad. In Dortmund, Germany, someone opened a smart sex doll venue called Bordoll. Every time this topic is brought up, there is a lot of ethical discussion, but RealDoll, a California company that specializes in companion robots, has shared that many customers who buy smart sex dolls are eager to be accompanied, and many customers buy their products to fill them. The pain of partner death.

More importantly, the emergence of intelligent sex dolls has brought hope to many people with physical disabilities. There are many very low-key volunteer organizations on the market that provide rehabilitation services for patients with physical disabilities, and provide free psychological assistance to people with severe disabilities such as muscle atrophy, cerebral palsy, and paralysis. Psychological factors are for disabled people. , can be said to be the driving force for survival.

Volunteers once said: “They will face their own existence, or open up the world and go further.” And smart sex dolls can really bring more color to their gloomy lives. Technology makes progress. Smart sex dolls are not scum. It just depends on how people use them. Although this topic gets a lot of ethical discussion, it’s a development for many bot developers. Lonely Fortune is a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.