Six reasons to sell hot sex dolls

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Statistics show that the output value of the American adult products-related industry has exceeded 20 billion US dollars. Are sex dolls so popular in America? Is this a huge lie? Let’s analyze it below.

According to the “Sun” data, by 2022, the valuation of the sex toys industry will exceed 100 billion US dollars, of which the US market will account for more than half of the market; in addition, the latest “US Sex Toys Market Size and Forecast” released by Yahoo data shows that , 2022, US sex toy market has exceeded $150 billion. The data is hollow, but at least we can feel that sex dolls have indeed entered the public eye. While they are not as common as other everyday items, you will find more and more sellers on Amazon or other online shopping platforms. How do so many businesses address this need?

Search for “sex doll” on amazon and the results will show more than 50,000 sex doll torso, you will see a lot of beautiful “torso”: beautifully refined, well designed and crafted. Look at the price, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of yuan. During last year’s “Christmas”, ES Doll Shop Set a record of 1,500 sex dolls. It is conceivable that the sales of sex dolls are so hot because there were only a few hundred monthly sales in the past.

Disproportionate male to female ratio

Sex dolls can be so popular in the first few years of their existence, the market demand is evident, and it is conceivable that sales in the United States will increase significantly in the future. So, what makes it so popular? After editing, the following six aspects are roughly listed:

1. Serious imbalance between men and women is the main reason

The imbalance of male to female ratio is a recognized problem since our country entered the new century. The seventh national census shows that there are nearly 5 million more men than women in my country. Moreover, the proportion of unmarried women has increased, and the remaining women are also a huge group. The actual number of single men is far more than 15 million.

2. The separation of husband and wife between the two places is becoming more and more serious

The development of urbanization and the imbalance of regional economic development have made coastal cities the core of the national economy, and these areas attract a large number of people. The high cost of living has led to families living in a “dual-headed family” model, which has led to the increasingly serious phenomenon of couples living in two places.

3. Emerging population increases

The pursuit of novelty and early taste is not only a human desire, but also a modern label. They have the courage to express themselves, show their individuality, and pursue freedom. They have a dominant role in the emergence of new things, which in turn affect a large number of people around them. Because under this early adopter mentality, if someone takes the lead, this social atmosphere will gradually spread, and the modern crowd has increasingly become the main consumer group in the market, which is bound to form a huge market impulse.

4. The state resolutely cracks down on illegal industries.

With the increasing number of singles, the phenomenon of separation of husband and wife is becoming more and more serious. In a mixed place, there will inevitably be bad industries, and illegal pornographic transactions are carried out through various acts such as coercion and inducement. However, my country adopts a resolute attitude of zero tolerance and zero slack towards such phenomena, and resolutely suppresses signs of illegal industries.

5. The price is suitable for all kinds of people

The dolls on the market are divided into high, medium and low grades, with prices ranging from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, or even tens of thousands of yuan.Such high, middle and low income groups can accept this price, which is also sex doll hot sale.

6. Broken family relationships

In the era of equality between men and women, the relationship between husband and wife is more difficult to handle. Statistics show that the national divorce rate has been rising for 12 consecutive years, and more and more couples exist in name only for various practical reasons. Love dolls are just dolls that will never ask for and lose their temper.Therefore, some people cannot tolerate the mental or physical violence of the other half, and instead buy sex dolls Accompany yourself.

With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of production technology, the combination technology of robots and sex dolls will reach the level of combining virtual and real, and the market of sex dolls will be broader and more popular. In the current hot sale of love dolls, we can’t look at it with weird and ridiculous eyes. We should support it with a positive attitude, at least without discrimination.