Looking back at 50 years of sex doll development

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Times have been advancing. Let’s think that 50 years ago, we couldn’t even imagine mobile electronic devices! A lot can happen in 50 years, including a surprising change in sex dolls. ESDOLL editor uses this article to let us understand the evolution of sex dolls over the past 50 years!

At the time, sex dolls were mainly aimed at the disabled and the elderly living alone.These people lack a partner, and even if they spend money, they can’t buy a lover, or they are considered by ordinary people to be physically defective, and they have to change careers if they have any pursuit. popular sex doll.

Japanese smile doll

However, the doll design at the time was poor. In addition to being too bulky and difficult to handle, the inflatable product falls down as soon as it is touched and cannot stand at all. At the time, doll makers felt this. While this smiling doll from 1977 looks ugly to modern eyes, it improves on all of the above shortcomings. At the time, dolls cost around $300 to $1,100, with more advanced ones costing $3,000.

Japanese smile doll

Then in 1982, the limbs of the new doll were detachable. The skeleton is made of foamed polyurethane and the skin is made of soft rubber and latex. The “4-layer structure” shows the human skin and the blood vessels underneath. The subtle texture of muscles was also a huge leap forward at the time.

1982 Japanese Doll

In 1987, the opening angle at that time could only reach 90 degrees, which was a trade-off that had to be made for the strength of the doll. The opening angle of the improved doll’s legs has been greatly increased, and many joints have been made into movable styles. So far, you can see how slender and delicate the sex dolls are, and at this point the price is already a staggering $8,000.

1982 - Japanese doll

In 1992, the price of the doll came to the era of 5000USD. Due to the production process on the body, there was no longer a parting line, and the skin surface was less likely to be damaged.

costume doll

Later, because the latex material used for the skin is too difficult to maintain, it is not only easy to stick to dust, but also easy to deteriorate and become brittle. The manufacturer switched to soft rubber as the material, and the style of the doll was completely different from before. Careful attention will find that the price of dolls begins to drop because soft rubber is much less expensive to manufacture than latex. Once again, these new material dolls are a huge success for doll manufacturers. It is reported that the sales volume is 5-6 times that of previous dolls.

In order to expand the market, sex doll factories including ESDOLL began to produce TPE and silicone sex dolls.They are not sex dolls, they are simulated celebrity sex doll, anime sex dolletc., available as companions and sex collectibles.

ESDOll unveils its first new baby doll

In 2008, the leap-forward development came again! This time, the manufacturer changed the material used again, from soft rubber to what we now know as silicone. Since the whole process had to be restarted, this attempt took 2 years of research and development in the industry. Due to the high cost of production, the price jumped to $3,000 in one go. Due to the progress of the industry, the price of raw materials is reduced, and the competition is fierce, the current price is only 799USD.

babe 140cm sex doll
Silicone Sex Doll Japanese True Love Doll – Baby 140cm

From this time on, the new dolls are almost all similar in appearance. While there have been improvements in frame and technology, for the average consumer, the difference in appearance is relatively minor.

It’s time for “modern TPE and silicone dolls”! This time it was amazing enough. TPE and silicone sex dolls have such a body and delicate skin. The doll that successfully passed through the “horror” this time perfectly presents the beauty that originally existed only in fantasy.

Japanese university uses lifelike sex dolls for medical teaching

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When it comes to sex dolls, the appearance of “human sex dolls” is bound to come to mind. In addition to the large number of single masturbation lovers, I believe that the most in need of “dolls” in the world is just university medical students.

They are indispensable hand training tools in medical teaching. So they are usually simpler.

There is something like this:

Japanese university uses realistic sex dolls for medical teaching


Japanese University Uses Reality Sex Dolls for Medical Teaching 1

There is such a thing:

Japanese University Uses Reality Sex Dolls for Medical Teaching 2

ESDoll editors believe that ordinary people will not have any bold ideas when they see these dolls, because they are just modules shaped like people. But it’s different in Japan. In order to make medical students face medical operations and patients more realistically, they made this medical teaching tool into something similar to sex dolls, or even more real. Many students say they are facing it. Few people are calm and composed.

Japanese University Uses Reality Dolls for Medical Teaching 3

This sex doll is a dental medical robot called Hanako developed by Showa University in Tokyo, Japan, and is specially used by dental students.

To make the experience more realistic, the researchers designed sex dolls Look like a young girl with clean eyes and beautiful skin.

like sex dolls on the market, their muscles and skin are made of TPE or medical silicone. The texture is very close to human flesh, and the touch and handling are very similar to real people. The most real and scary part is that even the tongue in the mouth does real things.

Japanese University Uses Reality Sex Dolls for Medical Teaching 4

According to the researchers, Hanako’s eyes, eyebrows and chin can be moved, and even a watery fluid can be excreted when she opens her mouth. Simultaneously relax the jaw muscles slowly, mimicking a fatigued patient. The level of realism is breathtaking.

At first, the thought of facing such a beautiful “person” was disconcerting. But when these dental students did start surgery, they were more scared and disturbed. Because Hanako not only looks like a human, but can actually “go crazy” like a human.

Japanese University Uses Reality Sex Dolls for Medical Teaching 5

For example, medical students who make mistakes or push too hard during oral surgery can make painful noises and make hideous expressions. The strange reaction is really scary.

It is precisely because of this that Hanako can effectively reflect the technical level of medical students, allowing them to discover their own shortcomings in time, and also exercise their psychological endurance by the way, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. stone.

Japanese University Uses Reality Sex Dolls for Medical Teaching 6

In fact, Hanako’s sex doll dates back a decade. At that time, the teaching of dental medicine at Showa University was already in use. The generation of products at that time was still relatively rough, which can be said to be hideous. Coupled with the fierce reaction mentioned above, one can imagine the psychological shadow of the students at that time.

Therefore, when researchers developed the second-generation Hanako, the main improvement was the appearance.To this end, they even hired a Japanese sex doll maker Participate in the design and production to transform the robot into a sweet and moving appearance like a sex doll.

Japanese University Uses Reality Sex Dolls for Medical Teaching 7

Come to think of it, though its response to oral surgery is horrific. But the editor of ESDoll believes that when we do oral surgery, we may also be afraid of all kinds of “weird” appearances, and it will not be much better than this.

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Not only that, but there are many reasons why sex dolls must be part of your everyday life. cheap sex doll In recent years, with the development of technology, many good sex doll brands have appeared. Skin elasticity and tactile resolution of real skin, body and appearance are also very good.

Silicone Sex Doll 5.34ft Ultra Realistic Makeup

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Lack of privacy was observed to be one of the most common causes of depression in both men and women. Of course, loneliness is hard, and you can get rid of it by having a beautiful love doll. You will become a healthier person mentally than physically. After buying it, you can sleep well without headaches and feel better. and have a more positive view of life.

4 Reasons Reality Sex Dolls Help Overcome Grief

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Today, many lonely people find solace in these sex dolls, many of which are custom-made to make the sex doll look more real or more like their lost partner.

Reality sex dolls help overcome grief 3

ESDoll is a sex doll maker. Aside from ordinary daily shipments, the most sought after request is a love doll imitating a deceased loved one. Now, more and more people are trying to embrace sex dolls. They appreciate the technology, which frees them from loneliness, and the richness of emotion in their hearts continues.

Losing someone significant can be emotional, and realistic sex doll It can free people from the loneliness and sadness that this loss brings. It may sound crazy, but what’s more important than making people happy? Today, I’m going to talk about how sex dolls have helped thousands of people escape the depression and sadness that comes with being alone or lost.

1. Sex dolls relieve stress and anxiety

Loneliness or the departure of a loved one always brings stress, anxiety and depression.

Biologically speaking, love is an important human need. When these needs are not met, it becomes dangerous.According to ESDoll’s internal disclosures, “More than 50% of client requests custom sex doll to family. “It’s the perfect definition of a true partner.” That’s basically why we call it soulmate. “

Realistic sex dolls help overcome grief

Although the combination of AI and sex dolls is not mainstream now, many people use sex dolls Fight anxiety and loneliness. Fortunately, the relationship with the doll doesn’t destroy the actual relationship, on the contrary, it spice up things and make the beautiful outcome even better.

It mostly depends on how you open up to those around you and accept inanimate third parties to help you.

2. Sex dolls give these people hope

Plenty of lonely people own sex dolls. They feel more comfortable with inanimate objects than with real people. They think it’s beyond their scope. It can help anyone with social anxiety disorder stop being depressed. The reason most people like sex dolls is because they are always so obedient, not quarrelling, jealous, abusive.

Reality sex dolls help overcome grief 1

It’s perfect for those who have lost hope of a good romantic relationship with a real partner, or don’t have the necessary skills to start or maintain a relationship, or just want purer love.

A lot of people usually think of themselves as fetishes or even perverts, but these people don’t really understand why they keep the dolls.

3. Sex dolls make people feel heard

Society is impetuous, and many people are experiencing personal problems such as insecurities, social anxiety, etc.

However, they are easy to get along with the humanoid dolls, which is a better way to experience love release and fulfillment. Sex dolls help those who are stressed and threatened to express their feelings and what it’s like to be heard.

when and such a real doll, they can rest assured that they will not be judged by appearance, money or knowledge.

4. Sex dolls are great companions

A talking AI sex doll is a great companion, not just for sex.She said: “Eighty percent of people are primarily social, which includes some conversational interactions, and 10 to 20 percent have real sex with dolls, which comes from the sexual side. “

“Many clients just want to experience companionship, warm hugs and care.”

These sex dolls have multiple personality settings, can understand the likes and dislikes and overall interests of their owners, respond to human touch, can move all parts of their bodies, and like real people, sex dolls can also have their own emotions.

Realistic sex dolls help overcome grief 2

Many doll buyers believe that these humanoid love dolls help get their lives back on track. “We can see that some people abroad are even married to Love Dolls. They say Love Dolls help them find meaning in life when they feel there is nothing worth living,” an ESDoll spokesman said.

Human emotions in the eyes of sex dolls

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Sex dolls have appeared in TV shows and movies in the past. Sometimes the depictions are creative, sensitive, and even a little funny. An example of this is Bubble Love, starring Ryan Gosling.

sex doll baby romance 2

Now, someone has decided to focus an entire sitcom on one sex doll. The show is Baby Love, starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect, Twilight, and My Zombie Girlfriend) and Donal Roger (Gotham) , “Children of Chaos”, “Patriot”) starring.

plot summary

In this series, Cody (Ana) finds out that her boyfriend Dan (Rogue) has a sex doll. Predictably, that angry and weird look when you know the person closest to you has “this kind of thing.” It didn’t take long, however, for her to develop a crush on the doll and forge a very strange friendship. The biggest reason is that this sex doll will talk to her!

It’s a multi-episode short series that airs on Quibi, the shortest-lived streaming platform in history. Quibi is known for making short-form shows exclusively for viewing on mobile phones. Similarly, the plot of “Panda Doll” is also very short, about 6 minutes per episode. The series also stopped after Quibi went out of business.

What are the advantages of “Baby Romance”?

First of all, we like that every character in the play is three-dimensional and thoughtful. Yes, Dan has a sex doll, but he’s never been portrayed as an odd or deviant person. At the same time, it also gives us a glimpse of how a couple can incorporate lifelike sex dolls into their relationship in a fairly healthy way.


In addition to the novelty of the sex doll theme, the actors and screenwriters are also very creative. Both stars have a talent for comedy, which is also evident. Each episode is fast-paced and viewers want to see more at the end. The plot shows wit and doesn’t get caught up in those crappy sex doll jokes.

Plus, we love watching anything that breaks the mold. When most TV shows are just reflections on old ideas or exploitative reality shows, it’s nice to see something truly unique. More to the point, in the “brother comedy” metaphor, a successful but neurotic woman and a sex doll take the place of the usual romantic scene.


What’s the downside of Baby Romance?

To be honest, this film and television series is certainly not enough to reach the level of the Emmy Awards, and it will not cause any major social changes. Creator Cody Heller is also a bit self-indulgent, as it fictionalizes her relationship with Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon. The show also offers humorous take on serious topics that some viewers may find uncomfortable. However, the show is very creative, funny and unique. Overall, it’s worth a look.

Why should fans of sex dolls care?

We are acutely aware that those like sex dolls Often severely misunderstood and despised. Because of this, we’ve always been interested in creative works that subvert people’s misconceptions about sex dolls. In this context, we see an acceptance of sex dolls, humor, and creative works. Hope this encourages those on the sidelines of sex dolls to try it out!

Sex dolls change marriage and parenting in Japanese society

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Japan is a very contradictory country. It can be seen that many Japanese people are very conservative, many people abide by traditional moral codes, and the relationship between men and women is also more traditional.

Japan's sex dolls change marriage and fertility

But on the one hand, they are very open. Japan is a big country in pornography, and the adult product industry is particularly developed. In Japan, there are many pornographic venues everywhere.Many Japanese return to sex shops buy adult productswhich also promoted the development of the adult products industry.

boycott marriage

Japanese society is very stressful, and most people are very busy with work. They have to deal with various work affairs and even entertain clients during the holidays. This exhausts a lot of people. When people are tired, they don’t have the energy to maintain a relationship because it seems like such a tiring thing.

Sex dolls change marriage and fertility in Japan 1

The development of the sex doll industry has allowed more and more people to meet their own needs. Therefore, the two parties in the marriage need less and less of each other, especially some sex dolls, who do the same as others, and are more docile and beautiful than others. People can also choose different dolls according to their preferences.

There is less communication between couples, less family fun, and less emotional connection between members. Busy work has no time for couples to communicate, making family life more boring, and the indifferent environment makes many couples end their relationship. When there is no love between husband and wife, affection is a burden to them. Obviously, in Japan, many couples are eager to get out of marriage.

A long-term indifferent marriage will inevitably affect the stability of the relationship between husband and wife, so they prefer unconstrained love instead of trusting their emotions. There is a particularly famous bar street in Japan. A lot of depressed people like to go there. They feel spiritually free and relaxed.

A person is free. When they’re drunk, they don’t go home, but choose to spend the night on roadside benches with their own bottles in hand. Looks lonely, but happy, sex dolls don’t call to ask where they are, much less pick them up.

birth rate decreases

Japan’s adult product industry is very developed. Even if people have problems in their marriages, they can still solve their physical problems in many other ways without fear of not being solved. Especially between couples, the other half does not have to deliberately please each other to gain a certain opportunity. Many behaviors are optional, and people can choose the way they live their lives.

Just like eating, when you feel hungry, there is a very sour orange in front of you. You don’t like to eat, but you are too hungry. You have to go all out to get this peach to quench your hunger. But when you’re in the forest, there are so many oranges to choose from. After that, you don’t even want to eat limes because you have to put in a lot of effort. But now it doesn’t take much effort, as long as you raise your hand, you can eat a lot of sweet oranges.

Sex dolls change marriage and fertility in Japan 2

A lover is a sour peach, japanese sex doll Like sweet oranges. If you love the taste of sweet orange, you won’t love the taste of sour peach. We can see that many puppets are made very realistic, and they feel better than real people. You can feel them like a real person, giving you a more comfortable feeling.

With the advent of sex dolls, people in Japan are no longer eager to get married, and they have a better solution. Sex is a way for couples to maintain their relationship. If this advantage no longer exists, the relationship will be difficult to maintain, and at the same time, they do not want their children to restrain themselves.

As a result, the birth rate in Japan is getting lower and lower. The government had to take coercive measures to get back to normal. In order to attract more couples to have children, many preferential policies have been introduced. But it now appears that the downward trend in the birth rate cannot be suppressed. The development of the sex doll industry has allowed people to solve problems in intimate relationships in other ways, resulting in many couples unable to actively face and solve asexual marriages.

You look at a sex doll like a real person, you look for its beauty, you get too drunk. It’s not hard to see why Japan’s marriage and fertility rates are so low today. We can see that this is a social trend, and it is difficult to suppress the trend of this era.

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    Sex dolls have been a hot topic over the past year, as people have become more open about it. But not all gold shines. Some people are against sex doll culture. We call them the anti-sex doll group. Their motives include humiliating entire groups, labelling them hypocrites, and promoting unfounded views.

    These views affect the lives of some and prevent those without a public identity from embracing their personal values. They are more fallacies, let’s see.

    Fallacy: Human sex dolls objectify women

    This is a big problem. Instead, sex dolls are objects in their own right, and users can determine their gender, not only in imagination, but also in lifestyle. Lover doll owners treat these lover dolls as real playmates, take care of them, clean lover dolls, dress lover dolls, style them and love everything about them.

    Fallacy: Human sex dolls were invented for men

    Sex dolls are not only designed for a single gender, their customer base covers all genders, not only men and women, but even transgender groups. The size, appearance and features of each love doll are tailored for groups in need.

    Myth: Having sex dolls is annoying

    Before we get into this topic, it’s good to mention that the world needs less nitpicking. It’s personal behavior, what they like is a choice, as long as they see fit, without causing harm to others. Sex doll owners come from different backgrounds – race, gender, appearance and abilities. There may be various reasons for buying sex dolls, which may be disability, face rejection, introversion, and different interests in dolls. Each is different.

    Fallacy: Dolls promote low culture

    The truth is, human sex dolls help fight the demons inside. Some people are born with a disturbing curiosity, and in order to nourish this nature, they may commit serious crimes. However, dolls have nothing to do with sensitive issues like low culture.

    Accusing someone of owning something is part of this terrible culture, and in a way, it’s a misjudgment, it’s almost like convicting someone for a crime he didn’t commit.

    Fallacy: The Sex Doll Community Will Bring A Dystopian Future

    Sex doll groups are fragile and too secretive to be called groups. Predicting the future based on the orientation of the few is untenable. It is true that some people prefer to use high-tech technology to live their lives. The reason is also valid, but this does not necessarily prove that the future world is “dehumanized”.

    No one is a perfectionist when it comes to predicting the future, nor do they fully understand the doll community. Therefore, making vague statements without concrete evidence is highly discouraged.

    These are not all fallacies, there are more fallacies like interfering with relationships or being harmful. As the sex doll population grows, so will the anti-sex doll population. Remember, this is privacy, individual rights and choices, and no one has the right to judge anyone. So, whether you have it or not, it’s your choice, choose boldly and firmly.

    Sale of inflatable sex toys for women

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    The silicone doll needs to be powdered to keep her from getting sticky and will attract some fluff causing her to need cleaning. This doesn’t happen with EX-Lite. mini sex doll According to Levy, robot dog owners want their AIBO to be their real pet. Therefore, they attribute dog-like emotions to their AIBO.

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    This stunt is new. However, there are other unacceptable images that are deeply offensive to Rangers supporters.

    There are many different types of TPE qualities, and it is not easy to know the temperature range due to different material bases and properties.

    Analysis of the inner world of love dolls and men living alone

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    “I think the ideal life is to make my silicone dolls real people so they don’t have to be love dolls anymore.” Evra, a middle-aged man living in a small town in southwest England, looks like a Others are no different. But when he stepped into the house, what greeted him was not his family, but a room of silicone dolls like everyone else. In the documentary “Ru Gum Like a Wife”, Dutch documentary filmmaker Sophie Doros turned the camera on Evra, who fell in love with a silicone love doll, and recorded the life of a man who lived alone for many years. mood.
    “When I first heard about a man living with his silicone doll, I thought it was so weird, he must be crazy!” said Sophie Doros, a Dutch documentary filmmaker who has focused on gender issues for a long time. . When he first came into contact with Evra many years ago, it was because the silicone doll had become the focus of curious media reports. He also appeared in another documentary, Man and Doll, and is no stranger to the camera. “But I told him that this movie is not just about your doll, I want to make you a person.”

    In “Ru Gum Like Wife”, Evra has been living alone since losing her mother many years ago. Unable to develop stable relationships with women in the real world, he turned to projecting his emotions onto the silicone dolls he bought. He lived with 13 lifelike silicone sex dolls, put on make-up, put on delicate costumes, drank afternoon tea together, and even drove the silicone dolls out to relax. Silicone dolls are usually seen as products of desire, ordinary toys, or simple models, but in Evra’s eyes, seriously falling in love with silicone dolls is the only way for him to resolve his loneliness.

    “I want to take the audience to experience this process of understanding from prejudice.” Sophie Doros said that in addition to the artistry of videos and images, the story is also the focus of the documentary narrative. “I don’t just want to present a seemingly crazy and bizarre exterior. For me, it’s about how to see farther and farther.”

    The documentary “As Beautiful as a Wife” was screened in the “SARS Eros” section of the 23rd Taiwan International Women’s Film Festival.