American married woman lives with three sex dolls in a multifamily

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In April, it was reported that a married woman in the United States had ordered three male sex dolls online to form a “family”. Now she has bought two baby silicone dolls to complete her diverse family.

American married woman sex doll lives in multifamily

The married lady is Alex from America who lives with male sex dolls Larry, Lance and Landon and her real husband. Since 2016, she has shared her daily life on the foreign social media Instagram and has attracted thousands of followers.

During this time, she also bought two dolls named Victor and Victoria, and shared hundreds of photos of the dolls in fancy dress, in various roles, and traveling.

For such a life, Alex said earlier that when she began to step into the circle of sex dolls, her husband felt “uncomfortable”. In the days that followed, however, the husband saw positive changes in her life and knew that with the addition of the doll, the wife became more relaxed and happier, and began to accept it.

American married woman sex doll lived to form a multifamily 1

Over time, Alex hopes that the two dolls will age like humans so they will look more human. She intends to upgrade the two dolls to fit bodies as they age in the future until they reach preschool age, and continue following the human growth process.

“I never thought about having a mature sex doll the size of my son. That would be weird. There are specialty manufacturers out there, from small babies to toddlers,” Alex said. Earlier, she also shared a black and white photo of Larry and Victor Jr.

American married woman sex doll lived to form a multifamily 2

She also outfitted three male sex dolls with vampire-style teeth and tongues to attract fans. “These guys bought Vladimir suits from sex dolls today,” she wrote on the page.

Made by sex doll maker ESDOLL, these accessories are very realistic. She also liked a new model released by smart sex doll maker RealDoll. The company shared a photo of the newly designed doll and wrote: “Build the strongest jaw since the ’90s! But are you a bearded person?” (Original post.

American married woman sex doll lived to form a multifamily 3

That lover doll is very handsome, a bit like Johnny Depp, Michael, or other stars, but each has its own characteristics. They responded, “It’s bespoke, we never limit our clients’ creativity!”