Sex Dolls Are Not Just Sex Toys, They’re Life Companions

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Are married sex dolls sex toys or life partners? Can it emotionally replace a real person? Does its presence have any effect on intimacy in reality?

In fact, the cost of purchasing a life-size sex doll is not cheap, and a doll may only have a maximum lifespan of 4-5 years. What its buyers need more is a life partner dedicated to them whose psychological needs outweigh their physical needs. Most people have the impression of a sex doll buyer as an otaku, withdrawn and unable to find a partner. However, according to industry manufacturers, more than 30% of buyers have partners and family members. Couples without children have raised TPE love dolls since childhood; elderly widows will also obtain spiritual sustenance through love dolls.
In China, there is a small group of buyers of male sex dolls. Like other hobby communities, forums are where people share experiences and fun, meet friends with babies and socialize. Zhang Bo, a native of Beijing, said: “We usually spend time together, put our love doll on the sofa, and talk about life, housing prices, prices, and national conditions.”


Zhang Bo, 36, used to be an online game planner. Of the dolls he owns, 3 have first and last names, and 3 more characters are not planned. According to him, he never acted too much with the dolls and kept raising them as children.

He has been collecting sex dolls for over a decade. The house where he lives is filled with dolls and related products, displayed like works of art. Zhang Bo’s interest in dolls stemmed from “restless hormones” in college. When the momentum passed, he gradually let go. He has a girlfriend. Because of his girlfriend, he sent the doll back to his hometown, hoping to explain it to the other party in the spirit of affection and contract. Until the age of 31, he broke up with his girlfriend who had been in a serious relationship for 3 years. “The severity is a bit like a divorce, and the tossing heart is tired.”

153cm RUTH sex doll

The failure of this love made him more honest with himself, regained his love for sex dolls, and found a new purpose in life.

After his family found out, they couldn’t stand it at first, and looked at this thing like a monster. In their eyes, dolls, like gambling and games, are the “root of all evil” that makes people waste their studies and do not do their jobs properly. But Zhang Bo is trying to change them, wanting to use this as a new starting point in his life. Playing with dolls is more of a spiritual dimension. Record the process of accompanying the doll, share it in the circle, get recognition and applause, and emphasize that you are not a stranger. As it turns out, you’re not alone.

There are many examples of married sex dolls in European and American countries, but this is not necessarily relevant. You still need to know if it’s right for you and if it makes life comfortable and easy. Maybe in a few years, when your consciousness and thoughts grow up, you will understand that, after all, you still have to have a flesh and blood person before you can learn to get along with others and live together. But it doesn’t matter if you can’t get out. With Love Doll, you can stay in that wonderful world forever and never have to accept the routines of reality. “Life is lonely. Lovers, friends, family eventually leave, but lovers don’t die.”

168cm EDA sex doll

The editor of ESDOLL once published an article entitled “The Artist’s Sex Doll: Rashomon on Human Nature, Loneliness is the Soul of Art”, which is about the works of the Korean artist JuneKorea living in the United States. He shot a set of “Eva” photobooks in which the sex doll was his fantasy girlfriend. They eat, sleep and travel together like a real couple.

He started shooting sex dolls in 2002. He was interested in them because he was moved and lonely. In a city of feasts, when you wake up alone, come home alone after work every day, or stand in a crowd, loneliness is like a scourge. We used to think that our family and friends would never leave us, and the good memories would never disappear, but when we grow up, we realize that we will lose them eventually.

People often say that art comes from life. While studying in the United States in June, he experienced the tragedy of breaking up with his girlfriend. At that time, he came up with the idea of ​​giving a lifelike sex doll an identity as a fantasy girlfriend and photographing it. People will leave, but dolls will not die. If this were all recorded in a fantasy world, it would be eternity.

160cm Aimee sex doll

The entire photo collection takes about 2 years. He shoots intensively, spending almost every day with dolls, doing things that couples do together, laughing and crying together, and feeling happy and lonely together. Foreign media are curious about his sex doll creations, but the photos are not pornographic, but have an indescribable sense of loneliness.

Although passersby would stare at him with strange eyes, and some would even touch Eva before, he didn’t care. After the perfect photo exhibition, he returned to Korea from the United States to work as a teacher. Eva was also separated and sent back to his hometown, but he is looking forward to his next collaboration with “Fantasy Girlfriend”.

He knew very well in his heart that this relationship was fake, and the inherent loneliness was always a reality he couldn’t get rid of. But as long as he needs it, the love doll will always accompany him and will never leave.