Looking back at 50 years of sex doll development

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Times have been advancing. Let’s think that 50 years ago, we couldn’t even imagine mobile electronic devices! A lot can happen in 50 years, including a surprising change in sex dolls. ESDOLL editor uses this article to let us understand the evolution of sex dolls over the past 50 years!

At the time, sex dolls were mainly aimed at the disabled and the elderly living alone.These people lack a partner, and even if they spend money, they can’t buy a lover, or they are considered by ordinary people to be physically defective, and they have to change careers if they have any pursuit. popular sex doll.

Japanese smile doll

However, the doll design at the time was poor. In addition to being too bulky and difficult to handle, the inflatable product falls down as soon as it is touched and cannot stand at all. At the time, doll makers felt this. While this smiling doll from 1977 looks ugly to modern eyes, it improves on all of the above shortcomings. At the time, dolls cost around $300 to $1,100, with more advanced ones costing $3,000.

Japanese smile doll

Then in 1982, the limbs of the new doll were detachable. The skeleton is made of foamed polyurethane and the skin is made of soft rubber and latex. The “4-layer structure” shows the human skin and the blood vessels underneath. The subtle texture of muscles was also a huge leap forward at the time.

1982 Japanese Doll

In 1987, the opening angle at that time could only reach 90 degrees, which was a trade-off that had to be made for the strength of the doll. The opening angle of the improved doll’s legs has been greatly increased, and many joints have been made into movable styles. So far, you can see how slender and delicate the sex dolls are, and at this point the price is already a staggering $8,000.

1982 - Japanese doll

In 1992, the price of the doll came to the era of 5000USD. Due to the production process on the body, there was no longer a parting line, and the skin surface was less likely to be damaged.

costume doll

Later, because the latex material used for the skin is too difficult to maintain, it is not only easy to stick to dust, but also easy to deteriorate and become brittle. The manufacturer switched to soft rubber as the material, and the style of the doll was completely different from before. Careful attention will find that the price of dolls begins to drop because soft rubber is much less expensive to manufacture than latex. Once again, these new material dolls are a huge success for doll manufacturers. It is reported that the sales volume is 5-6 times that of previous dolls.

In order to expand the market, sex doll factories including ESDOLL began to produce TPE and silicone sex dolls.They are not sex dolls, they are simulated celebrity sex doll, anime sex dolletc., available as companions and sex collectibles.

ESDOll unveils its first new baby doll

In 2008, the leap-forward development came again! This time, the manufacturer changed the material used again, from soft rubber to what we now know as silicone. Since the whole process had to be restarted, this attempt took 2 years of research and development in the industry. Due to the high cost of production, the price jumped to $3,000 in one go. Due to the progress of the industry, the price of raw materials is reduced, and the competition is fierce, the current price is only 799USD.

babe 140cm sex doll
Silicone Sex Doll Japanese True Love Doll – Baby 140cm

From this time on, the new dolls are almost all similar in appearance. While there have been improvements in frame and technology, for the average consumer, the difference in appearance is relatively minor.

It’s time for “modern TPE and silicone dolls”! This time it was amazing enough. TPE and silicone sex dolls have such a body and delicate skin. The doll that successfully passed through the “horror” this time perfectly presents the beauty that originally existed only in fantasy.