Engineers are studying the possibility of sex dolls having children

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Spanish engineer Santos became famous for inventing and manufacturing AI sex doll “Samantha”, and claimed that his wife put forward a lot of female perspectives in Samantha’s research and development and practical application, which made him look forward to the future of sex dolls.

sex doll with child

In an interview a few days ago, he mentioned that he is developing a combination of AI sex dolls and artificial intelligence technology. In the future, love dolls may have their own thinking patterns, and even combine 3D printing technology to obtain the possibility of “birth”.

Santos and his wife work together in Barcelona production doll. On average, one can sell for 3,000 euros. Santos mentioned that what they are currently designing is to combine the personality of a robot with that of a human, so that computer software can generate a new “artificial intelligence brain” and then use 3D technology to generate a “child” body, “IA New The genome of the robot will be added to the brain of the robot, and it will have the values ​​of morality, aesthetics, sense of justice, etc. that humans have.”

With such a robot, combined with human thoughts and characters, combined with calculation formulas, “In this way, this child is the child of me and the machine, and it is not complicated at all.” At the beginning of R&D and manufacturing, Santos emphasized that Samantha not only Just an icy machine that provides emotional comfort and toggles between “home” or “sexy” modes on various parts of the body, including the chest. There are sensors on the face, shoulders and limbs. It can also imitate the happy and excited look of human beings, and even say some touching lines.

Santos said recently that Samantha’s appearance has made his 16-year marriage to his wife happier and more fulfilling. He believes that sex dolls can make society more harmonious, and plans to develop male sex dolls to benefit the vast majority of human society.