Man lives with sex doll, holds wedding after divorce

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Dirk, 40, has a special “wife” Clarissa who has been with him for over four years. It’s special because it’s not a real person, but a sex doll. It was bought by Dirk for $1500.

German photographers Sandra and Dirk met online. Knowing his situation, Sandra decided to take a photo of him documenting Dirk’s life with his silicone wife. At first, Dirk was very vigilant, for fear that his secret would be discovered by others, and he would be called a pervert by others. But after they communicated, Dirk agreed to shoot, but asked not to show his face and not to use his real name.

Real Doll-Clarissa_-158cm

Before that, Dirk had a troubled marriage and had a child, but it ended in divorce. His ex-wife left him with the children. Dirk was exhausted by the marriage.

He later bought the sex doll Clarissa. He was lucky to have it. They are very happy together and never quarrel over trifles. Later, Dirk realizes that he loves Clarissa more and more, decides to marry Clarissa, and holds a wedding at home. Dirk said he was afraid of being alone, and Clarissa could be by his side quietly. He likes this quiet life very much.

No one knows about this, not even his ex-wife, who hides the doll in a very hidden place every day, not wanting to be discovered by the neighbors. Because now, Dirk understands that his way of life will not be understood by others, but hopes that one day he can boldly and openly date Clarissa.

Clarissa is a silicone sex doll. A few years after buying it, its skin started to slowly peel off. Dirk cleans it very carefully and uses talc powder specially designed to protect silicone. Dirk also pays special attention to his health habits, shaving and manicures every day for fear of scratching Clarissa’s skin.

For Sandra, a photographer who recorded Dirk’s life, she just wanted to record Dirk’s life, and when people were lonely, they could find sustenance. At the same time, I want to break people’s prejudice against sex dolls through this group of photography works, and treat people who have their own attitudes towards life fairly. Everyone has their own way of life.