Do you think the Nazis invented the inflatable sex doll?

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Now, we should note that inflatable dolls are very popular in Europe and America recently, whether unmarried or single men and women, or married couples are willing to pay a sum of money to get a simulated doll. As you can imagine, sex dolls have basically become a part of life, just as everyone needs a car to enrich our lives. Today ESDOLL wants to discuss a topic with netizens.

Early August 2022, brain game Read the title “Did Adolf Hitler Invent the Sex Doll?

The article suggested that many readers wanted to ask if the recipe for the inflatable sex doll was made by the leaders of the German Nazi Party, although the article itself did not cover it.

The article was posted to a website called The Blog, which specializes in creepy and creepy stories.

That’s right: Hitler invented the blow-up doll” However, the author also admits that the Borghild project was a hoax: “Unfortunately, the evidence to support this event is interesting, so it may not be a true story. However, “Hitler invented the sex doll” is such a concept that we should pretend it happened anyway.

According to rumours, the troops of the Borghild Project One worked by supplying men with sex dolls. The project is said to have been inspired by Heinrich Himmler’s suggestion to Adolf Hitler in 1940 about the problem of syphilis in prostitution establishments in Paris.

In his analysis, he published that “the greatest danger in Paris is the pervasive and uncontrolled presence of prostitutes.” Hitler allegedly approved plans to provide soldiers with blow-up dolls in backpacks. Hitler is said to have agreed to the plan, and the designers began developing inflatable dolls or other male masturbators under the supervision of Franz Chackert of the German Hygiene Museum.

According to sources, the Nazis were fighting, during which they No desire to have sex with womenDuring that time, Hitler suggested that the idea of ​​inflatable dolls could be accepted by most men.

Laurie Marhoeferan, an associate professor of history at the University of Washington, told CNN in an email that the scam was built around “very real concerns.” [Heinrich] Himmler spoke about the ability of German men, especially soldiers and SS men, to express their female sexuality, plus the syphilis prevention measures that the Nazi state shot at, such as controlling brothels.

Many authorities at the time did something similar. However, sex dolls are a scam. Elizabeth Heinemann, professor of history at the University of Iowa and author of this book Before porn was legal,” told us that there is no evidence that inflatable dolls existed throughout World War II.

“This [erotica] The clients are overwhelmingly veterans, and the industry offers an amazing range of goods,” Heinemann told us via email. She noted that catalogs for such items were “sometimes over 150 pages by the mid-1950s,” but these pages Items listed in do not include inflatable sex dolls.

So, ESDOLL asks, who invented inflatable dolls and sex dolls?

Earlier related records appeared in France. For example, the 1908 French magazine “Sex in Our Time” mentioned sex dolls made of rubber and plastic that could even imitate ejaculation through clever designs.

“In this regard, we refer to the practice of lewdness through mannequins or partial models. In this province, there is a powerful erotic mechanic who makes models of male or female bodies out of rubber and other plastic materials… you even Ejaculation can be imitated by an inflatable tube filled with oil…”
A French document from 1904, Les Detraquees de Paris, details the appearance of artificial dolls. The book records Dr. P showing him the sex dolls he created. These dolls come to life and can be inflated and heated. The production cycle for each doll is 3 months and the price is about 10,000 francs.

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