The complexity of male emotions is realized in sex dolls

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When I saw the rows of head sculptures on the shelves, my first impression was of walking into a scary room with high gloss lip gloss and messy hair. Their still eyes stared at everyone passing by, with a pair of eyes sparkling, and their faces were like once-bright stars, as if staring at people. I smiled awkwardly, as if to say “hello,” and quickly moved away from its lifeless gaze.

esdoll - sex doll head

In modern society, these markets for inanimate bodies reflect similar sexual rights and the pleasurable objectification of man.The sex doll factory mainly sells so-called male female sex doll, and its “male” models account for only 10% of its sales. More than 1 million sex dolls are sold in China every year, including exports, with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

male sex doll couple

As writers in the ESDOLL sex doll industry, our work often complicates stereotyped assumptions about male orientation. Of course, ESDOLL editors have come across a lot of expected metaphors, but more often they find that men don’t accept superficial, dispassionate clichés.Whether it’s about their intimate lives or Answering questions from sex doll readers In the column, we often encounter problems such as sadness and anxiety.

familiarity with the early The history of sex dolls Might reduce those surprises. In the 19th century, European sailors used rag dolls as their “toys”. In the 1960s, scientists brought a pair of plastic inflatable dolls nicknamed “Antarctic One” and “Antarctic Two” to the Showa Research Station in Antarctica. Later, it was said that a doll named Judy was sold in Japan as a companion. It can sit with someone or watch from the couch.

158cm 5.18ft F Cup Sexy Breast Realistic Silicone Sex Doll - Daisy
158cm 5.18ft F Cup Sexy Breast Realistic Silicone Sex Doll – Daisy

Historically, sex dolls have been associated with loneliness. This theme remains, even as fabric and plastic have given way to hyperreal silicone or TPE. Some sex doll customers are married to DINK people and want a multi-person family so they can get away from the chaotic human touch, but there are also many who are recently single, divorced or widowed. Some clients simply lack the social skills to maintain relationships. Many people give their dolls names, characters, backstories, and amateurs write romantic stories and feelings of love on forums.Sometimes the doll owner will Share sex doll stories related to portrait photos, they will pose and change clothes for the doll.

in our sex doll forum, tells the story of a man whose sex dolls inspired his desire for “someone who really loves me.” Another repeated the simple companionship they offered: “A doll sits on an empty chair so you can sit and chat. You can cuddle, you can live in the same room, and you can love and be loved.” Something like that Happened too. A report on another fantasy realm: desire.

Men's Full Size Silicone Sex Doll – Angelia 158cm
Men’s Full Size Silicone Sex Doll – Angelia 158cm

Such a description blatantly goes against the stereotype of desire, but so does some emerging research in this area, not a big field. The assumption that men’s needs are relatively simple is common.

In 2001, sex therapist Rosemary Barson published the “Reactive Desire” model, which takes into account many relational and environmental factors that lead to reactivity, including emotional satisfaction and intimacy. Her work deviates from basic theories about sexual response—arousal, stability, orgasm, and determination—and challenges the notion and ideal of desire as a spontaneous impulse.

158cm Sex Doll Silicone Solid Body Realistic Sex Real Solid Love Toy – Alisa
158cm Sex Doll Silicone Solid Body Realistic Sex Real Solid Love Toy – Alisa

Her work has since been widely read as a model of female desire, but she never thought of it that way. In fact, this also applies to male desires, which are very flexible and fickle and susceptible to external pressures. Male desires are not properly understood and given enough nuance or subtlety.

In 2016, a study surveyed long-term single men to understand what triggered their desires and found that key factors included feeling cravings and close communication. Experiences of rejection and lack of emotional communication significantly reduced their interest in their partner. The researchers concluded that male desires may be more complex than previously thought.