A game anchor in Beijing raised a love doll as a daughter

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Bai Xue (screen name) is a post-90s Internet celebrity in Beijing and a game anchor. He has nearly 1 million followers on the TikTok platform and can be called a “public figure”. Different from the kind and sweet image on the Internet, she is somewhat silent or even withdrawn in real life.

love doll like a daughter

She often said, “Beijing is a city of chasing dreams, but also a city of broken dreams. Sometimes, I feel as long as I stop and look for myself, I will die.” on stage. In the story of parting, the only constant is the loneliness of the city people. To cope with this loneliness, Bai Xue bought a sex doll online.

From a very young age, Bai Xue dreamed that when she opened the door of her house, a doll the size of her would appear sitting around the dining table and watch TV with her. This dream used to be the dream of many children and has been following. Until one day, after seeing a life-size love doll on the Internet, she felt that her dream should come true.

love doll like a daughter 1
There are also many shops selling sex dolls in physical stores, but the faint red light can easily give people an ambiguous feeling and discourage many people. After all, the social climate is conservative and shy. Due to the rise of various e-commerce platforms, online shopping has become the only choice for many sex doll lovers. You don’t have to hide like you used to. You can boldly consult customer service, describe your needs, and express delivery directly to your door. Eyes give more sex doll lovers a sense of security.

love doll like a daughter 3

When Bai Xue received the first doll, she even started a Weibo specifically for the doll. “I wanted to be a real person with a soul; I had to interact with her character and personal environment in order to have a vivid imagination,” she said. The arrival of the doll changed Snow White’s life. Going home every day, facing the empty, dim room, sitting dumbly, while the doll fills her lonely time, combing her hair, changing clothes, chatting, taking pictures, etc., the time just goes by.

love doll as daughter 4jpg
In real life, she can be isolated and helpless, without any connection with the society, and she can confide in the doll all the troubles in work and life. Even if it doesn’t respond, her mood improves. There are many photos from different angles in the doll’s Weibo. Love Doll is a lively and cute little girl who likes to dance and is very cute. It’s not the same as the real her, maybe it reflects what she wants in her heart. She also has a special stroller to go out and play with the dolls. They have been to different cities and seen different scenery. They go on business trips, exhibitions, dog walks, even swimming and hot springs, all accompanied by them. Bai Xue is like a “baby madman”, sharing her bit by bit.

love doll like a daughter 5

They had taken the train together, and the lover doll passed through the security gate and entered the gate. Staff also use a scanner to scan the doll and make way for it. It feels very good. Snow White treats the doll as a person rather than an object, and when it is accepted by strangers, she feels understood. Snow White treats the doll as her own daughter. She has only a handful of love experiences and is immersed in the identity of this “mother”. With “daughter” I feel at home in this lovely city. Every time I go home, my “daughter” sits in the living room. She said hello naturally, hugging and kissing again. It was a complete ritual; as she slept, she hugged her “daughter” and the two squeezed into the bed. On the other hand, you will feel safe.

love doll like a daughter 6
Many people also jumped out and called her “perverted”, “failed”, “irritable!” She laughed at them. In her opinion, as long as the doll stays by her side, these trivial things will disappear at a glance. The keyboard warrior’s attack on the Internet will only make her stronger as long as it doesn’t knock her down. She said: “Obscene people think of porn, you can’t say they think of porn. This proves me wrong.”

love doll like a daughter 7
From 2015 to 2022, Love Doll changed two bodies. One of the meanings of a doll’s existence is that it can prolong its life indefinitely. When it goes wrong, it can be replaced with a new body. It stays the same as long as the head stays the same. In a sense, the doll is Bai Xue’s “little stand-in” – a perfect figure that can replace Bai Xue’s various anime characters and become an anime love doll; Bai Xue will grow old, but lover dolls will never grow old.