Lifelike sex dolls from experience halls to nursing homes

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As production of sex dolls with lifelike partners increases, sellers are finding more and more innovative ways to make money from sex dolls. Serge has already started placing doll machines in his personal online store, and he has a bold plan to tap into a potential new market: nursing homes.

Elderly people can spend happy days in the company of their partner sex dolls, which will relieve a lot of stress on caregivers and nurses. He believes people’s attitudes towards it will improve. In addition to places such as nursing homes, experience center businesses have integrated sex dolls into their services. The documentary filmed a sex doll experience pavilion in Barcelona, ​​the love dolls were designed to be so lifelike that without the circuits that give them life, they were more like rubber shells than real existence.

Hot sex doll market

As demand for lifelike sex dolls for partners continues to rise, so too is the business of creating artificial intelligence technology. Serge receives many orders from potential customers. He can’t keep up with them. He is currently expanding his business.

He plans to outsource production and sales, and the factory can easily produce 200 TPE sex dolls. He also has his own model, which he keeps at home, and he programs it to know how long he can hold it. He maintains that the sex dolls are so real that there are multiple layers of conversations between them and final tests are done to make sure their responses fit the situation.

Many feminists contacted Serge to interview him from a feminist perspective. Most of them are reluctant to communicate with his wife because Serge’s wife is a woman involved in the project, contrary to the feminist view that most sex dolls are the objectification of women, but they don’t have access to Deep understanding from the perspective of female makers. Data proves that sex dolls help society reduce the rate of rape due to sexual physiology problems, and also bring companionship to the elderly.