Interview with ESDOLL Doll Factory to learn about the sex doll industry

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The Roman poet Ovid has a famous story. A sculptor named Pygmalion carved a statue out of ivory. The statue is very beautiful. He was madly in love with it. He prayed to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, to bring his creation to life. Eros listened to his prayer and transformed the ivory statue into a flesh and blood man.

Aphrodite love doll

This is an old story and there are similar stories all over the world. In an unassuming three-story building, the turning point of this story comes again and again, in the model room of the ESDOLL sex doll.

Instead of Pygmalion ivory, the dolls are made of silicone or TPE, and some sell for nearly $2,000. While the company’s carvers have a soft spot for their creations, it’s their customers who really love the dolls. Some clients even rent self-contained apartments to house them, take them out on dates, and develop intimacy with the dolls rather than just using them as tools.


ESDOLL has an irreplaceable place in the sex doll industry, so I thought they would be the best place to ask about each doll’s creations and the emotions these beautiful creations inspire.

What is the average age of your customers?

Generally, they are over 23 years old, and there are also some customers in their 60s or even 70s, with a wide range of age groups.

Where are sex dolls made?

Our dolls are produced in Guangdong, China, with a team of about 150 people, covering the whole process from sex doll design, production to sales.

Why do dolls attract your customers?

Material desire is a normal desire, just like the desire to eat, drink, and have fun. This is a very common thing!

In China, the relevant culture is more subtle, and the Chinese may be a little sensitive. Simply put, many people are not good at getting along with the opposite sex. It seems more and more people are having trouble developing relationships, and the dolls don’t complain and are quiet. Some of our clients have wives. Maybe they have a bad relationship. Once the long-term indifference subsides, it is difficult to return to the former feelings.

Are these sex dolls just dolls?

For some of our clients, you may feel lonely if you live alone. Having a realistic life-size sex doll can help with these feelings of loneliness. Over time, the customer starts to feel close to the doll, may start to want to talk to her, and they get emotional.

What do you think is causing this feeling?

One reason is that these dolls have been improved. They look like they can almost talk to them. The doll’s makeup and body shape are very realistic.

Do customers feel intimacy with these sex dolls?

Sometimes, when our old customers can no longer hold for various reasons, they will not discard the doll because they have already developed a good impression.

Are you planning to add any new technology?

One of the easiest things to do is add voice and heating to them, but everyone feels it differently.

One person may regard the love doll as his wife, and another person may regard the doll as his child. If the same sound is used on the doll, it becomes a machine. Silent dolls have different meanings to different customers. We hope that every customer can have a love doll with their own feelings and memories.


Plus, if you add more sophisticated features to the sex doll, it turns into a sex robot worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, no longer sold like the popular silicone sex dolls or TPE sex dolls are now.

If a client has a photo of his late wife or girlfriend, can he make a love doll as realistic as them?

We received such an order. We need to develop independent disposable molds. Makeup and hair transplant requirements are also stricter. The whole process costs a lot of money, so it is unacceptable to ordinary customers.

sex doll photoshoot

Also, 100% similarity may seem unrealistic, but our current process can achieve about 90% to 95% similarity. In addition, if someone uses a candid or improperly obtained photo, we create portrait rights and other possible criminal issues. Therefore, the whole process needs to start from verifying the relationship, which is very troublesome.

Do you have a favorite sex doll or the one you are most proud of?

We don’t know which model might sell the best. Even though we recently made a couple of cute looking celebrity sex dolls, anime sex dolls and expect it to be sold, that doesn’t always happen. So we made many different head and body types.